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ZDJ thermocouple vacuum gauge

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets ZDJ thermocouple vacuum gauge

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month ZDJ thermocouple vacuum gauge

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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1. A new type of integrated three terminal stabilizing circuit is adopted, which has positive and negative power output, and the thermocouple power supply is regulated by the integrated three terminal adjustable regulated power supply. It has the characteristics of wide regulation range, small volume, light weight, high stability, long service life, etc.
2. The pointer type indicator is added with the scale subdivision display of coarse vacuum amplification from 300pa to 33pa, so that the original scale line between 1cm can be subdivided and extended to the display range of about 10cm. Thus, the accuracy of this section is improved.
3. A new generation of zj-54d stable thermocouple gauge is used for vacuum measurement. Its metal shell structure and power supply current are greatly reduced compared with other common glass tube gauges. Therefore, its stability and service life are greatly improved.
4. The fuselage adopts new type 160 new chassis, which is antimagnetic and beautiful.
5. The thermocouple vacuum gauge used in this work conforms to the national metrological verification regulation and jg1050-1996 standard.
二、Main technical indicators:
1. Temperature and humidity 0 ℃ - 36 ℃ ≤ 75% (30 ℃)
2. Power supply AC220 ± 10% 50 Hz
3. The measurement range is 300pa-0.1pa, and the error is ± 40%
The display range is 1000pa-0.1pa
4. Electrical parameters
(1) Heating current: 30mA (± 0.5mA)
Heating current regulation range: 25-45ma
(2) Under the standard environment of 23 ± 3 ℃, the stability of heating current meets the following requirements:
a. When the current and voltage change is ± 10%, the change of heating current is less than ± 1%
b. The change of heating current is less than ± 1% when increasing from 10-1 PA to 300 PA (or atmospheric pressure)
c. The drift of heating current (1N1) ≤± 1%
5. Cabinet size: (length × width × height) 200 × 180 × 150 mm
三、 Usage:
1. Two groups of "thermocouple switch" press "current" gear, press the power start, the switch light is on, connect the gauge pipe to connect the vacuum system, the instrument will enter the working state.
2. Adjust the heating current knob to adjust the indicator of meter head to 30mA. Note: (to obtain high precision value, please refer to the heating current value calibrated by the certificate.)
3. The "thermocouple switch" is connected to the "measurement" position according to the I gear. After the vacuum degree of the equipment system is higher than 0.1pA, the measurement indication value should be full scale. If the full scale is not reached or exceeded, the potentiometer should be adjusted again to make the pointer full (it has been fully adjusted when leaving the factory). The error of thermocouple gauge increases after long-term use, so it can be adjusted or replaced again in the factory. If the vacuum degree in the system is in the range of 300pa-33pa, please press the II gear for measurement (press the II gear key into the current gear, that is, the I gear measurement).
4. Setting of vacuum constant value: the constant value control system can make the vacuum degree set arbitrarily in the range of 1000-0.1pa. It can also automatically control the action of vacuum booster pump, diffusion pump heating system, roots pump power supply or vacuum valve, so as to implement automatic control conveniently. This part of device does not affect the accuracy of vacuum degree measurement.


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