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ZDJ digital resistance vacuum gauge

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets ZDJ digital resistance vacuum gauge

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month ZDJ digital resistance vacuum gauge

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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ZDJ digital resistance vacuum gauge this instrument uses the principle of heat conduction in vacuum related to vacuum degree to measure vacuum. The 16 bit high-speed data acquisition system of American company and high stability microprocessor are used to monitor the new circuit, which is suitable for 1.0e5-5.0e-2pa Zj-52 metal resistance gauge (called Pirani gauge in foreign countries) is widely used in mechanical pump test, chemical raw material vacuum blending, vacuum smelting, vacuum impregnation, air conditioning and refrigerator production line and other industrial and scientific research departments.

二、Main technical indicators
1. Vacuum measurement range: 1.0e5 (9999pa) - 5.0e-2 (0.05pa)
2. Measurement signal voltage (current) output: 0-5V, 1-5V, 4-20mA
3. Digital signal output: RS485 / RS232 half duplex serial / ASC Ⅱ / baud rate 9600bps
4. Digital display units: Torr, PA, mbar (in line with the requirements of China, Japan, the United States and Europe)
5. Control relay output: 2 (each can be set with upper and lower limits independently); e2rom flash memory; contact capacity: 220V / 3a.
6. Regulate the wire breaking and cable breaking alarm light indication. Regulate the automatic compensation of long cable (up to 200m).
7. The softlocker password lock function is set to prevent the data from being modified by unauthorized persons.
8. Working power supply: AC, 85-265vac / 50-60Hz;
9. Dimensions: (width x Height x depth mm) 96x96x145
10. Opening size: (width x height mm) 92x92
11. Display mode: 0.5-inch highlight digital tube in measurement display window; display by scientific counting method or direct reading method (user can choose from the instrument function menu).
12. Real time test record printing and sampling software of vacuum and time.
13. Front panel of instrument:
1. Output relay upper and lower limit setting indicator; 2. Relay output indicator; 3. Measurement data display window; 4. Torr / PA / mbar measurement unit indicator; 5. Key; 6 (ATM) full scale (atmosphere) adjustment potentiometer; 7. (zero) zero adjustment potentiometer in high vacuum; 8. (fault) gauge wire breaking alarm light; 9. Power switch


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