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High&ultra-high cold-cathode ionization vacuum gauge pipe

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets High&ultra-high cold-cathode ionization vacuum gauge pipe

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month High&ultra-high cold-cathode ionization vacuum gauge pipe

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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High&ultra-high cold-cathode ionization vacuum gauge pipe  

Product spec.


    ZDV-IC series cold cathode magnetron vacuum gauge (also known as penning vacuum gauge) is a highly intelligent vacuum measurement and control instrument.

   The vacuum gauge series are adopted by cold-cathode vacuum gauge pipe(penning pipe) researched by our company. The pipe has super long life span under the normal vacuum circumstance because when it works it has no high temperature thermionic filament. it’s also adopted by electronic high pressure stabilization technology to ensure the fast start and smooth operation of the cold gauge pipe;the microprocessor can fix nonlinearity of the vacuum gauge pipe, which can reduce measurement error; the gauge is used imported microprocessor and digital interface chip and a separation of analog and digital technology, photoelectric isolation digital filtering to ensure its strong anti-interference ability. The optimized automatic switching technology ensures the smooth and reliable automatic range of the vacuum gauge.The ultra - range automatic turning off of the cold gauge high voltage technology is used to ensure the sudden exposure of the vacuum system without accelerating the oxidation of the cold gauge electrode. The external PLC signal, RS232 / RS485 signal, turning on/off the cold gauge high voltage function, make the automation of vacuum system possible.In order to adapt to vacuum equipment automation technology,we collect some extensive features such as relay contact control, serial communications, vacuum analog quantity and so on. So the vacuum gauge is especially suitable for the measurement and control of medium range in vacuum application equipment . 



 LED green screen digital display
 Precise vacuum signal can amplify circuit and stabilize zero point and full span

 The microprocessor can fix nonlinearity of the vacuum gauge pipe, which can improve measuring accuracy  

 Automatic switching of full range without manual shift.

Turning off automatically high temperature by outrange, which can protect cold

  pipe and the instrument
Photolectric isolation, digital filtering, higher anti-jamming ability, stable and   

  reliable vacuum measurement
 Longer life span of the pipe without high temperature hot filament

 PVC colorful panels with elegant appearance
 Functional and modular structural design

 Point control or regional control which can be set to upper and lower zones
 Point control has power-down memory function
Simplified function button(only turning on/off) and simple operation
Turning on/off automatically high temperature by external PLC signal, which can realize automation of vacuum system.

Optional extension features and its options
* Optional features: 05/10V /10mV0/410/20mA analog quantity output of

     vacuum degree
   * Optional features: RS232 ,RS485single-way or double-way USB
   * Optional features: printer and its interface
   * Options of gauge pipe interface15.5 external diameter of straight gauge pipe

DN16/25/35CF ;DN10/16/25/40K these different interfaces
   * Options of wire length:3m/5m/10m/15m/20m/25m/ most 100 m



  Technical Information

gauge pipeJ-14C cold pipe

Measuring range: 110-4Pa 

Measuring path: 1 path

Controlling path: 4paths can be expanded to 8 paths

Controlling range: 5×10 -1Pa 10-3Pa

Measuring accuracy: ± 1%

Controlling methodrelay contact outputload capacity AC220V/3A (or DC28V/3A)   

  non-inductive load

 Instrument sampling time1S

power supply: 90-260V/50Hz or220V±10% 50Hz
power consumption: 30W
weight: 4Kg/43Kgdepends on its size
 size: 240×88×280 or480×88×280 or 265 ×119 × 280  or 480 × 119 × 280width×height×depth

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