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Resistance/pirani precise transmitter

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Resistance/pirani precise transmitter

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Resistance/pirani precise transmitter

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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  Product Spec


APG500resistance(pirani) precise transmitter is designed for vacuum measurement whose vacuum range is between 5×10-21.0×105Pa

The transmitter cannot be used to measure inflammable or explosive gases that can react in a certain atmosphere

The transmitter must be used in conjunction with the control display instrument or other control display instrument of the company.


 Technical Information


 measuring principle  Based on resistance (pirani) heat transfer physical properties      pipe interface             DN 16 ISO

measuring range     5×10-2~ 1.0×105Paonly adapt to air, nitrogen, oxygen,

                    carbon monoxide

 accuracynitrogen    1×10-1 ~5.0×103Pa      numerical reading±35%

                       5×10-2 ~ 1×10-1Pa        numerical reading±50%

                       5×103 ~ 1×105 Pa        numerical reading±50%

repetitiveness          1×10-1 ~5×103Pa         numerical reading±5%




 Output signal (measuring signal)

  Output voltage              +1.9 ~ +10.0 VDC

Vacuum voltage ratio             logarithm 1.286V/every order of magnitude

false signal         0 ~ +0.5 VDCFilament fracture

output impedance            2×5.1 Ω

Small impedance            10 kΩ

reaction time             100ms

Transmitter identification         27.0 kΩ,           

regulation     two holes of two sides of the transmitter is used to regulate full span(ATM atmospheric condition)and zero point(HV high vacuum condition)


power supply

transmitter input voltage         +13.5 ~ +30 VDC

ripple wave                ≤5Vpp

current                  <300mA(starting current)

power consumption        ≤2 W

cable connection            FCC 68 / RJ45 electrical connector,8holes electrode

Transmitter cable            8core cable

cable length            ≤100 m wire diameter≥8×0.18 mm2

concept of ground              refer to "cable connection"

The vacuum system is connected to a public signal  connected by resistance1 0KΩvoltage difference<45V

power ground and signal ground respectively

Material exposed to vacuum    tungsten nickel stainless steelDingQing rubber

 Sensor wires              tungsten

permitted pressure             0.3 Mpaabsolute pressure,only for rare gas

permitted temperature          when vacuum measurement   +5+45℃

                    vacuum connector  80℃

                     sensor wires  120℃

                    storage  -5+60℃

 relative humidity    when temperature≤31 °C, relative humidity<80℅

                   when temperature+40°C,relative humidity down to 50℅

usage                   indoor use only

installation direction      vertical installation       

danger            The transmitter can only be connected to a power supply, meter or control device that is in line with the ground ultra-low voltage requirements of the ground.           

               The power connection of the transmitter shall be fused.              

safety instruction

 Comply with general rules and take necessary measures for process medium.

Consider the possible reaction between the material and the process medium.

Consider the possible reaction of a process medium when a product generates heat  

  (e.g. an explosion).

 Comply with general rules and take necessary measures for all upcoming work and  

 keep in mind the safety instructions in this document

Before starting work, check whether all vacuum components are complete and clean before starting work.  


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