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High quality scientific research gas mass spectrometer helium leak detector

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets High quality scientific research gas mass spectrometer helium leak detector

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month High quality scientific research gas mass spectrometer helium leak detector

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gas mass spectrometer helium leak detector description:

Helium mass spectrometer leak detector refers to the leakage diagram of helium or hydrogen and helium mass spectrometer of gas analyzer. Helium has low bottom noise, low molecular weight and viscosity coefficient, so it is easy to diffuse through the drain hole; in addition, the inert gas is mainly helium, non corrosive, which is usually used as a place to show helium leakage. This gas is then injected into the detected container on the gas analyzer (only adjusted from the reaction state of helium). If there is a hole on the container, i.e. the analyzer reacts, then we can see where the leakage and emission are.
gas mass spectrometer helium leak detector application:
Helium leak detector, also known as helium mass spectrometer leak detector, is widely used in aerospace, scientific research, power industry, large production lines, valve industry.
We provide a wide range of customized solutions for vacuum coating, scientific research, lighting, solar energy, analytical instruments, electronics and semiconductors and other industries.
Leak detection principle
Helium leak vacuum leak detection technology is an essential technology in the field of technology. Because of its high leak detection efficiency, simple operation, sensitive response, high precision and easy to be interfered by other gases, it has been widely used in resistance furnace leak detection. Helium leak detector is based on the principle of mass spectrometry, and helium leaks into the system leak test equipment. It is composed of mass spectrometer chamber, exhaust system and electrical parts, including ion source, analyzer, collector, cold cathode liquid level gauge, etc. The electrons emitted by the room filament oscillate back and forth in the room. The gas in the room leaks through the hole and enters the helium internal collision, which makes the positive ions collide. The helium ions enter the magnetic field in the accelerating electric field. Because the Lorentz force is generated and deflected, the arc-shaped orbit can change the accelerating voltage of ions with different mass through the magnetic field, and the receiving slit is detected to reach the receiving electrode. Helium injection, a mass spectrometer absorbing helium, is the two most commonly used methods in the helium leakage resistance furnace.






Smallest Detectable Leak Rate(He)(Pa*m3/s)


Leak Rate Display (Pa*m3/s)


Maximum inlet pressure(Pa)


Response Time (s)


Run-up Time (min)



AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 10A

Ambient Temperature

5℃~45℃,relative humidity≤80%





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