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Why the vacuum pump does not start

Vacuum pump belongs to rotary vane vacuum pump and oil vacuum pump. But because of human factors, or because of the use of time problems, the vacuum pump will also have some problems, such as the vacuum pump can not start, this is a problem encountered more, the following to introduce the reasons for the vacuum pump can not start and the corresponding solutions.

1. The fuse of the vacuum pump causes the vacuum pump to be unable to start. At this time, the fuse can be connected or the professional maintenance personnel of the vacuum pump can be contacted to handle it.

2. The motor of the vacuum pump is stuck. This problem is better solved. If the motor of the vacuum pump is repaired, the motor can basically operate normally.

3. The motor of the vacuum pump has been damaged. In this case, only the motor can be replaced, and the motor can be replaced by contacting the corresponding dealer of the vacuum pump.

4. Voltage is too low to start the vacuum pump properly, which can only be achieved by providing normal voltage.


Vacuum pumps have a very high market share in the world. It is one of the main pumps for obtaining medium and low vacuum. Vacuum pumps are widely used, including industrial applications, food packaging and processing, coating industry, scientific research, semiconductor, photovoltaic and analytical instruments.

Other industrial applications, including environmental air conditioning, refrigerators, food vacuum packaging, high purity metal production, light bulbs and color picture tubes, are conducive to replacing environmentally harmful processes with environmentally friendly ones.

In the field of medical technology and analysis, vacuum pumps can fulfill the requirements of various analytical instruments under specific vacuum conditions, including mass spectrometry spectrophotometer, electronic microscopy, helium leak detector and plane analyzer family.

Semiconductor technology application, at present, the semiconductor industry in the world is showing high-speed development, customers for semiconductor requirements are more diversified. According to the different needs of customers, we develop and produce vacuum pumps that meet the requirements.

Environmental protection medical industry applications, vacuum pumps are widely used in the medical and environmental protection industries, such as vacuum sterilization and vacuum attraction.

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