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Solution to Leakage of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Water-ring vacuum pump is a kind of coarse vacuum pump, which can obtain the limit vacuum of 2000-4000Pa. It belongs to a low-pressure compressor. But when water-ring vacuum pump is used, air leakage will also occur. So how to avoid this phenomenon? Next, I'll show you about it.

The leakage of vacuum may be caused by improper sealing. Therefore, all connecting bolts of water ring vacuum pump should be tightened, packing cover tightly wrapped, pipes and instruments connected with other parts, or gaskets and fillers should be replaced. For air leakage, it can also be coated with lime and other oil as temporary remedial measures.

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The bearing skew of the water ring vacuum pump also causes air leakage. At this time, the bearing of the water ring vacuum pump should be removed and repaired, and then installed correctly. Moreover, the different concentricity of the front and rear side covers of vacuum pumps will also lead to the leakage of air in vacuum pumps, that is, the front and rear side covers have larger different axes, and the consequences are the same as the deflection of bearings.

In addition, the increase of liquid ring temperature will also cause air leakage of water ring vacuum pump. There are many reasons for the temperature heating of the liquid ring. It may be that the temperature of the infusion ring is already high. It may also be that the supply of water or jellyfish is insufficient, so that the liquid ring temperature can not play the role of cooling. It may also be caused by the friction heating of the impeller and side cover of the vacuum pump, the temperature rising of the liquid ring, the heating of the bearing or the long-term operation of the pump and other factors.

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