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How to Solve the Stuck of Vacuum Pump

The vacuum pump is stuck. What should I do?

Recently, some friends complain that the vacuum pump is stuck. Why? Today Xiaobian helps you solve this problem!

To understand the cause of vacuum pump stuck, we first need to understand the structure of vacuum pump, vacuum pump is composed of vacuum pump body (cylinder block, rotor), tank, oil pipe, coupling, motor (motor) and other parts. The rotary vane vacuum pump we often mentioned is divided into two types: oil-type vacuum pump and oil-free vacuum pump.


Oil vacuum pump is lubricated by vacuum pump oil. Vacuum pump oil not only plays a lubricating role in rotary vane vacuum pump, but also plays a sealing role. The pressure and flow of vacuum pump are guaranteed by the normal operation of vacuum pump oil. When the vacuum pump oil is in operation, the vacuum pump oil in the tank is brought to the pump body through the vacuum pump tubing. After running in the pump body, the vacuum pump oil is returned to the tank through the return tubing. Because the temperature of the vacuum pump will reach 70-105 degrees, some of the vacuum pump oil will become oil and gas. As the exhaust gas is discharged to the exhaust port, it will come down through the oil mist separator (exhaust filter) without failure. It flows back into the vacuum pump tank. To ensure that the vacuum pump is not stuck because of oil shortage, we must ensure that the oil quantity of the vacuum pump is sufficient, the pipeline is smooth, the oil of the vacuum pump is not emulsified, and no sludge can flow in the vacuum pump.

How to Prevent Vacuum Pump from Blocking due to Oil Deficiency

1. Regular replacement of vacuum pump oil, according to different industries, the quality of vacuum pump oil is different, and different replacement cycles are formulated. Generally speaking, 700-3000 hours should be replaced once. At the same time, vacuum pump oil filters should be replaced. Attention should be paid to replacing vacuum pump oil thoroughly every time, not just adding it.

2. Clean vacuum pump tubing regularly.

3. Regular replacement of vacuum pump oil mist separator, commonly known as exhaust filter, to prevent the vacuum pump oil from discharging with the exhaust gas, resulting in the reduction of vacuum pump oil.

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