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How to Solve the Leakage of Water Ring Vacuum Pump

Today, I will introduce the cause of leakage of water ring vacuum pump and the corresponding solutions. I hope to help users in emergencies.


Leakage of working water ring vacuum pump: At this time, the vacuum pump should maintain a low and stable speed, while adding water to the cooling system to cool the engine, drive slowly for a short time, and drive to the nearby concealed place for disassembly.

The shell of water ring vacuum pump is broken and leaking. Relevant parts can be replaced and troubleshooting can be carried out as required.

Water ring vacuum pump leaks due to serious damage: if the pump is seriously damaged and there is no maintenance condition on the way, it can directly connect the inlet and outlet pipeline of the pump, make full use of the natural circulation of cold and hot water, temporarily maintain the normal temperature of the engine, or use the inner tube or inner barrel. As a fixed container, two rubber pipes are introduced from the container. The root is connected with the engine inlet and the other is connected with the engine outlet. The other end of the two pipes is inserted into the container. The rubber pipe should be fixed firmly.

Crack leakage of pump shell: Clean the crack and repair it with adhesive.

The above four points are the investigation and treatment of the leakage of water ring vacuum pump. I hope to help you when you need it.

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