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High Cyclical Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

Model: IVM-300


I Introduction

1.1 Principles and use

IVM-300 vacuum induction melting furnace is a equipment which uses the heating principle of alternating electromagnetic field produce eddy current molten metal in the metal material.

It is widely used in metallurgical industry and scientific research departments the melting and pouring of the iron-based, nickel-based, and other precision alloy, steel, special steel, high temperature alloy, non-ferrous metals, etc. under the vacuum or protective under state.

The device can be realized temperature measurement, smelting, feeding,temperature measurement,casting, cooling without destroying the vacuum state. It is a modern metallurgical equipment can produce the mold automatically.

1.2 Supply Scope

Vacuum induction melting furnace 1 set, including :vacuum melting chamber 1 set, ,mould transmission system 1 set,Alloy charging/loading mechanism 1 set,temperature measurement system 1 set,induction melting device 1 set,sending power supply in device 1 set,melting chamber vacuum system 1 set,pneumatic system 1 set,hydraulic system 1 set,observation window 3 sets, dedusting system 1 set,melting power supply 1 set,electronic control system 1 set,working platform 1 set,inflation system 1 set, water cooling system 1 set and other equipment and supporting facility that can make sure the furnace operate in reliable and stable conditions.

1.3 Equipment operation environment and conditions

1) Altitude is less than 1000meters
2)Environment temperature range from 5-40 ℃
3)Using area,daily maximum monthly average relative humidity less than 85%
4)No conductive dust, explosive gas and serious damage to metal corrosive gas insulation around.
5)No obvious vibration
6)3 Phase, 380 V,voltage fluctuation less than ±10%,frequency is 50±1Hz.
7)Cooling water pressure:0.2-0.5MPa
8)compressed air pressure:0.4~0.6MPa。

II Corresponding service

The corresponding service including: the necessary technical data, installation, on-site setting up, technical support, technical training, etc.

III Main technical parameters


Vertical type,,

2.Rated capacity

300kg(Liquid Steel)

3.Rated temperature


4.Medium frequency power rating


5.Frequency: the frequency of smelting


6.Ultimate vacuum(cold furnace condition)

6.67×10-3 Pa

7.Working vacuum degree

5×10-2 Pa

8.Pressure rising rate


9.The melting chamber vacuum pumping speed,the atmosphere to 6 x 10-1 pa


10.Temperature measurement methods

Instant  immersion type tungsten-rhenium  thermocouple

11.Casting Method

Hydraulic  casting system

12.The crucible tilting Angle


13.Air inflation and deflation method

Automatic inflation + manual protection.

14.Operating Method

whole-process automated operation

15.NO. Of vacuum gauge

More than 6 pcs,With a leak detector interface in related positions

16.Protective measures

Over-temperature, over-pressure, under-pressure alarm,   interlock protection to prevent fault operation

IV Structure & Capability

4.1 Melting Chamber

Vacuum melting chamber is consist of two parts, furnace cover and furnace body, using double shell structure with middle through cooling water.The inner wall and the flange are use the material of 1Cr18Ni9, outer wall is high quality carbon steel of finely polished,and easy to remove dust.

1)Furnace cover/lid
(1)It uses the  torispherical head, is equipped with three transfer windows in horn shape for expanded view. The observation window use double deck glass, adopt multistage rotation method with installed rotating four quartz glass and a metal plate for avoiding in the process of melting volatile dust pollution the lens.
(2)Opening furnace cover is in the way of hydraulic lifting and manual rotation which is stable and reliable and can stay at any height, and has the self-locking protection function to prevent the furnace cover landing from gravity
(3)Multistage bunker is set on the furnace cover, from where broken material is added in the melting process.

Cover of melting furnace

2)Furnace body
(1)Furnace adopts cylinder flat structure,outer shell wall is made of high quality carbon steel, inner wall and furnace flange material are SS304.Inside the fine polished, its easy to clean dust.
(2)There is electrode induction coil access, vacuum pipe interface, pouring gate and the low pressure into electrical interface in the furnace body.There is inflated and deflated setting device and vacuum measuring interface in the vacuum pipe interface. Charging electricity hole size :Φ250mm,pouring gate size :Φ300mm(temporarily sealed by  blind plate)
The pipes are connected by different specifications of the vacuum pipes and flange to the system.
3)There is diversion trench with movable support legs in the melting chamber, which is convenient for melting and casting.

Furnace body of melting furnace
4.2 Melting device

The melting device including sensor, lateral plate and bracket, etc. All of them are made of high quality stainless steel and copper components., There are rails and water hydraulic mechanism for crucible flip and bottom casting movement on the brackets , speed is adjustable.
There are temperature sensors on the backwater inlet, test the temperature and sound and light alarm while over temperature. Induction coil is made from high quality copper tube, features with firm structure, easy operation,suitable power, long life, less deformation, etc. Coil surface coated with high temperature epoxy resin, ensure the insulation strength under the condition of high temperature.Conductive wire coil adopts water-cooling cable

Melting device
4.3 The temperature measurement, feeding and sampling chamber

There are two worktables turret connector pipe equipped above the furnace cover, turret adopts hydraulic lifting method, and connected to vacuum chamber by Φ 300 mm flashboard valve. Turret is composed of feeding device, temperature measuring devices, sampling devices, while temperature measuring device and sampling device shared a vacuum chamber.
(1)Temperature measuring device is electric structure and equipped with invasive fast tungsten-rhenium temperature measuring thermocouple. Without breaking the vacuum of metal liquid,it can go with temperature measurement. It is composed of hoisting mechanism,guide pulley,tungsten-rhenium thermocouple,temperature measuring gun,seal assembly,gear motor and so on .In the same time,the parameters of the thermocouple movements itinerary can also conduct regular check.There is junction plate in the temperature measuring couple counterweight plate, it is convenient for sampling device installation and uninstallation to realize the chemical analysis for liquid steel in the process of smelting.
(2)Feeding chamber is using the electric hoist way . Charging bucket size Φ 250 mm x (600-700) mm. Feeding chamber size is Φ 300 mm with automatic feeding system, it is composed of articulated mechanism guide bar, feed rod, sealing components, cylinder and so on, which can realize adding raw materials under vacuum condition. And using the latest special articulated mechanism, has the anti-swing, prevent hit crucible of flexible features.

Temperature measurement, feeding and sampling room
4.4 Melting Power

IGBT module intermediate frequency power supply, but the failure of inverting, intermediate frequency may vary with the load, automatic monitoring to some extent, and high conversion efficiency. It is a kind of product upgrades for silicon controlled thyristor power

Melting power
4.5 Vacuum pumping system

1)Water dust removal device can effectively collect volatiles, grease, dust, etc., in the process of sintering to avoid scratching the mechanical pump rotor by the dust particles, and it has simple structure and easy to maintain and clean.
2)The corresponding vacuum valves and vacuum pipe and other required vacuum devices, etc.
3)Using the digital display range compound vacuum gauge, with the function of internal set up, control of output.
4)Electric contact vacuum table, etc.
5)Vacuum system of pump at all levels of pneumatic sequential logic interlock protection.

4.6 Inflation System

This device can meet different technological requirements of the vacuum cooling, vacuum break, argon filling in the process of smelting. It is consists of pneumatic stop valve, manual stop valve and gas collecting pipe, etc, features with stable and reliable, can exchange the pneumatic stop valve while sintering. With the muffler on the bleed valve, can provide more comfortable working environment for the workers.

Inflation system
4.7Ramming device

Ramming device ramming rod connected by flexible vacuum line can be freely tilted larger angle to pound out of the crucible inner wall of the upper and gob Remaining shorten the melting time. Observation window installed near the lid, it can be ramming can occur anywhere in the "bridge" in the furnace ,which is flexible and reliable mechanism.

4.8 Electrical control system

1)Vacuum test control
It is composed of temperature measurement chamber,feeding chamber, he front vacuum unit,casting chamber,melting chamber with vacuum gauge tube respectively. Real-time monitoring the vacuum degree in the related parts With functions of vacuum pressure chain between each chambers, it can make sure each chamber pressure smoothly when the vacuum isolating valve and vacuum pump group to start the program. Vacuum inside the furnace is measured by the vacuum gauge, measurement range from atmospheric pressure to ultimate vacuum.
2)The working process of the movement control: using the programmable controller, the whole process of equipment chain control about the vacuum inside the furnace, temperature ,cooling water pressure and wrong operation with safety chain protection and automatic processing measures. Work with sound and light alarm, equipment can be automatic, manual operation, and can switch at any time. Such as: (1) Vacuum degree is unqualified, it can't heating; (2)Pressure of water is lower, it can cut off the heating power; (3)When it is over temperature, automatic shut off the heating power supply, etc
3)10.4 inch touch screen, through the PLC communication, it can show the whole process of movements of the furnace and record each event in memory of touch screen, Operator can use touch screen for all actions directly operate the furnace. On a touch screen ,it displays the furnace temperature, vacuum degree, heating power, etc. and can modify various control parameters, events, and show the curve of heating process.

electric control system
4.9 Work Platform

This equipment is equipped with the work platform,which is used for convenient furnace operation,maintenance and cleaning equipment.

4.10 Pneumatic system

It is composed of cylinder, constant pressure valve, separator, lubricator, distribution pipe,reversing valve, etc, By the electro pneumatic valve control each pneumatic valve switch.

4.11 Water Cooling System

Composed of cooling water control box, pipeline and the corresponding emergency water pipe joint and change-over valve, etc.

1)There is  manifold,electric contact water thermometer,electric contact pressure gauge, valves, distribution pipe and so on in the control box.which can regulate the cooling water in order to make sure the sensors, the operation of vacuum unit and furnace body, and water pressure, water flow and over temperature protection device are all in good condition.
2)There is separated water temperature, water pressure detection and alarm device in the sensor.when the cooling water flow rate is too low or temperature is too high, it should be able to automatically cut off the medium frequency power supply.
3)Water cooling system configuration is emergency water cooling system, in case of emergency power switch off the water valve automatically start and continue cooling, since the induction coil, cooling equipment and diffusion pump require constant cooling device.
4)All the cooling water system is equipped with sound and light alarm device for the emergency of water cut-off, power off and over temperature

Water cooling system
4.12 Alloy charging device

It is composed of multi station alloy feed,feed hopper machinery and other components of the operating mechanism.The bunker is with four positions installed on the furnace cover.Hopper and machine operating mechanism are installed in the furnace side , Through the observation window ,operator can know the hopper position and loading conditions, then he can accurately, smoothly and totally realize charging for many times in the process of vacuum smelting alloy.

V Equipment installation conditions

5.1 Occupied area

About 4000(L)×3000(W)×6000(H)mm

5.2 Electric capacity of the equipment

1).AC 380V 3P 50Hz Around 375KVA Smelting heating
2). AC 380V 3P 50Hz around 70KVA Operating power

5.3 Cooling water

1).Pressure:0.3~0.4MPa Temperature:under 30℃
2).Water volume: about 30M/hr
3).Water quality:General industrial water,over 4000Ω-cm

5.4 Emergency Service Water

1).Pressure: 0.15~0.2MPa Temperature:under 30℃
2).Water volume: about 30M/hr (inductor,cover half)
3).Water quality:General industrial water,

5.5 Compressed air

Pressure: 0.4~0.6MPa