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Vacuum laboratory carbon fiber graphitization furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Vacuum laboratory carbon fiber graphitization furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Vacuum laboratory carbon fiber graphitization furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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Graphitization furnace

Suitable for sintering and graphitization of carbon materials, PI film, graphite powder, carbon fiber rope, carbon fiber filament and other materials that allow sintering and melting in carbon environment.
1. The highest working temperature: 3000 ℃
2. As a thermal insulation material, double-layer alumina has a good effect of heat insulation and fire prevention, with little heat loss and fast heating.
3. The bottom of the crucible is equipped with high strength hard composite felt to ensure that the graphite crucible is subjected to uniform stress at high temperature, which is 1.5 times the service life of similar products.
4. Unique furnace body design explosion-proof valve is safe and reliable.
Furnace temperature uniformity:
High efficiency induction heating with medium frequency power supply, unique furnace design, greatly improve the uniformity of furnace temperature. Furnace temperature uniformity, plus or minus 10 ℃, the temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃.
High degree of equipment automation:
1. Fully automatic control, intuitive display of touch screen, sound alarm and lock protection device of various parameters data. Fully automatic control of water - electricity - gas, simple and convenient operation.
2, USES the power cabinet fully sealed structure, cabinet put oneself in another's position with water cooling air cooled radiator, without heating, with the outside world advanced temperature control system, using imported intelligent digital temperature controller, PLC can realize data communication, complete the full automatic, high precision temperature measurement and control process of the system according to the heating curve of a given heating, and stored in a total of 400 segments of 20 different process heating curve.
3. Adopt closed internal circulation pure water cooling system; Digital flow monitoring system and each water is monitored and protected by a flowmeter.
4. Use of the Chinese academy of sciences research and development production of high-performance air purification machine, oxygen content is reduced to 1 PPMV, dew point temperature drop to - 70 ℃.
5. The special high-performance intermediate frequency converter of our company is used as the furnace body conversion, so as to avoid bad phenomena such as sparks generated by traditional contactors.
6. According to the heating time and process requirements, the single-station power supply cabinet can be configured with multiple furnace bodies, which can realize the heating and cooling of a single furnace independently, greatly improving the production efficiency.
Make sample of workpiece (graphite film)

Make sample of workpiece (graphite film)

Make sample of workpiece (graphite film)


Packaging & Shipping


Standard export packing is carried out by our professional packaging staff, and the wooden cases have been fumigated.

Product model







Working size







Constant furnace temperature







Power supply control type

IGBT  380V/50,60Hz

Ultimate furnace temperature

3000(fully satisfying for graphitization of high thermal conductivity film)

Working environment

Vacuum or Ar,N2  atmospher environment (micro-positive pressure)







500                         700

Choosing the excellent configuration as per the customer’s request.

1.Touch screen or industrial computer automatic control and recording process parameters. PLC can be programmed with the touch screen display system, intelligent temperature control table and PLC to achieve data communication.

2.Digital type flow monitor system and each water monitored by flow gauge.

3.Configuring Roots pump as per the vacuum request and the vacuum degree can reach to 10Pa.

4. It is easy to add air inlet and outlet automatic balance system for the watchman. (the mass flow control instrument accurately controls the gas flow into the furnace, and the pressure control instrument accurately controls the pressure in the furnace.)

5.The tar is collected by using the double stage condenser to remove the coke filter to purify the vacuum exhaust gas, which can effectively protect the vacuum pump operating normally.

6.High performance gas purifier, the gas oxygen content can be reduced to 1PPMV, dew point temperature can be reduced to -70.

7. Multifunctional operation platform can realize remote control, the farthest distance of 30 meters

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