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Laboratory, Vacuum High Temp Graphite Furnaces

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Laboratory, Vacuum High Temp Graphite Furnaces

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Laboratory, Vacuum High Temp Graphite Furnaces

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High temperature graphite furnace is a vertical top loading induction heating furnace with circular hot zone shape. The model is an ideal choice for various research applications and new material development. The operation of the furnace is simple, the maintenance process is simple, and the time and budget of the research project are saved. The model has a maximum operating temperature of 3000 ° C and can be used in many research applications.

The furnace adopts medium frequency induction heating mode. The water-cooled induction coil is installed in the furnace. In the center of the coil, there is a graphite crucible as the base of the induced current, and the surrounding is covered with carbon felt as the insulating material.
High temperature graphite furnace application:
Sintering and graphitization of carbon materials, synthetic graphite films (polyimide graphite flakes and abbreviated PI films), heat conducting materials, carbon fiber ropes, carbon fibers, C / C composites, graphene heat treatment, heat treatment of negative materials for lithium batteries, negative material treatment of VGCF carbon nanotubes (CNTs), purification and iron removal processes, sintering of high temperature ceramics can be carried out in the graphite hot area (carbon containing) Other materials sintered or melted in.
General features:
1. Fully automatic operation.
2. The internal closed-loop water cooling system is installed in the furnace structure in a compact size, which is very suitable for the limited space in the laboratory.
3. The patented hot area consumables design enables ordinary trained operators to easily replace them within one hour.
4. Too many inlet and outlet vacuum / gas ports are reserved for future laboratory research.
Imported high-precision pyrometer, the temperature measurement range is 1000-3200 ° C or 0-3200 ° C (optional). The temperature measurement accuracy is 0.2-0.75%.
5. High precision intelligent temperature controller, which can store 20 programs, a total of 400 segments.
6. IGBT power supply has protection and control for overload, short circuit and other fault problems.
The serial numbers of all components are drawn according to the detailed schematic diagram, thus greatly reducing the failure
7. Exclude and maintain the time, and conduct remote maintenance.
8. Stable hydraulic lifting system of chamber cover.
9. The induction coil is covered with high-quality alumina coating to avoid short circuit between coil and carbon felt.
10. High true air operated valve is equipped with position indicator to automatically control vacuum and gas supply system.
11. Over temperature, over pressure, gas state, water shortage and power failure alarm and automatic mechanical interlock for over pressure protection.
Optional Features
1. High vacuum system: these furnaces can only operate in vacuum and high vacuum at a maximum temperature of 2200 ° C.
2. Gas purification system and gas quality and flow control system
3. Closed loop cooling water system







Max Working Temperature

3000°C (<2 hours)
2850°C (Continuous Working)

Usable Space (mm) Dia. * H


Max. Loading Capacity(L)


Temperature Uniformity
(ΔT between 1000°C and 2200°C)


Max. Heat-up Rate (CEDRT)*

 200 °C/min

Heating Power

60 KW


4000 Hz (auto-track)

Ultimate Vacuum (CEDRT)*

1.2×10-3 mbar

Optional High Vacuum (CEDRT)*

5×10-5 mbar

Pressure Rise

6.7×10-3 mbar/hr

Working Atmosphere

High Vacuum (Optional) / Vacuum / Inert Gas (Ar or N2)
Vacuum and high vacuum atmosphere is only permitted up to 2200°C.

Supply Voltage

3P, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz (customized)

Cooling Water Pressure

1.5~2.5 bar

Cooling Water Temperature


Overall Dimensions (mm)


Weight (kg)


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