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Vacuum hot pressing furnace for high temperature powder materials

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Vacuum hot pressing furnace for high temperature powder materials

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Vacuum hot pressing furnace for high temperature powder materials

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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 The vacuum hot pressing furnace is mainly used for the hot pressing sintering experiment of non-metallic materials, carbon composite materials, ceramic materials and metal powder materials under vacuum or protective atmosphere. The sintering HIP furnace series integrates pressure dewaxing and vacuum dewaxing functions-waxing, vacuum sintering, TORVAC, partial pressure sintering, pressure sintering, atmosphere sintering, rapid cooling, etc. With atmosphere sintering function, process gases such as Ar, H2, CH4 and N2 can be used to control the dewaxing and sintering process. Horizontal design, convenient for loading, unloading and maintenance. The whole process is automatically controlled.

Vacuum hot pressing furnace for high temperature powder materials

Characteristics of vacuum furnace

1. The whole hot pressing furnace body is one version

Furnace shell structure. The inner layer, outer pipe, support frame, flange, bolt and screw are made of SUS304 stainless steel except copper metal. It is welded with the flange as a whole, and a jacket is formed between the two layers. Water cooling can take away the heat transferred to the inner wall of the furnace shell; The flange surface is provided with a sealing groove, and the "O" ring adopts vacuum sealing design. There are suction holes, thermocouple temperature measuring holes and observation holes in the middle of the furnace body of the water cooling device (to prevent O-ring aging).

2. The upper part of the furnace body is the furnace cover. It is welded by inner (304 stainless steel) outer sealing head and flange (304 stainless steel). It adopts double-layer water sandwich head structure, which can be water-cooled; The furnace cover is opened mechanically and manually, with a built-in hydraulic press to save manpower. The top of the furnace shell is provided with a pressure head (upper pressure head), a pressure sensor and a pressurizing device, and an exhaust valve; The furnace body is provided with an infrared temperature measuring hole and an observation hole.

Factory price high temperature powder vacuum hot pressing furnace, vacuum furnace

3. The furnace bottom is equipped with electrode lead-in device, air inlet valve, low pressure head and sensor that can display displacement distance; The indenter is made of stainless steel (SUS304) and is equipped with circulating cooling water.

4. The heater is made of high-purity graphite and processed into a three-phase heater, which is connected with the electrode and controlled by the three-phase power supply of the electric furnace control system. After the transformer is depressurized, the copper bar is connected with three output electrodes to form a control. The annular electrode device has a water cooling cycle.

5. The insulation cover around the furnace body and the furnace top is composed of graphite carbon felt. It is processed into an integral thermal insulation system, which is easy to install and maintain. A plurality of graphite indenters made of high-strength graphite are installed at the bottom. It can be used to adjust the height of the die during hot pressing.


product type

HIQ-22HP vacuum hot press furnace



Heating Elements

Graphite carbon tube

Temperature control

51 segments programmable and PID auto control

Temperature  uniformity


Way of Pressure

one-side or two-side pressurized

hydraulic control


Pressure range


Inflation pressure

≤ 0.05MPa(Micro positive pressure)

pressure fluctuation

≤±0.1 MPa,displacement precision 0.02 mm

≤±0.1 MPa, displacement precision: 0.02 mm

Ultimate vacuum

6.7×10-3 Pa

Leakage rate

2 Pa/h

chamber size

Φ120mm~Φ600mm×H100mm~ H500mm

Rated voltage

3 phase380V 50/60Hz 

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