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High performance metallurgy powder sintering furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets High performance metallurgy powder sintering furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month High performance metallurgy powder sintering furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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* application:
Powder metallurgy sintering furnace is mainly used for degreasing and sintering of copper tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, molybdenum alloy, titanium alloy and cemented carbide and other products.
Main configuration:
1. Furnace door: lock with rotating hinge; Manual/automatic locking
2. Furnace shell: full carbon steel/stainless steel inner layer/full stainless steel
3. Boiler: soft carbon felt + hard binding felt/full hard binding felt.
4. Heater material: static pressure graphite/graphite mold three high
5. Muffle material: graphite fine size
6. Pneumatic control: volume/mass flow calculation, manual valve/automatic valve, imported/made in China
7. Vacuum pump and vacuum meter: imported/domestic
Skip: raceway/forklift type
9. Operation panel: analog screen/touch screen/ipc
10.PLC: delta/omron/Siemens/mitsubishi
11. Temperature controller: electric island/mainland
12. Temperature measurement type: infrared optical temperature measurement instrument /C index thermocouple (Wolfram/Mo/ ceramic sleeve)
13. Recording instruments: paperless recording instruments/paper recording instruments, imported/domestic
14. Electrical components: zhengtai/schneider/Siemens /ABB
Technical features:
1. Adopt special furnace structure and heater layout, good uniformity of furnace temperature.
2. Special structure degreasing box is adopted inside the furnace body, with good sealing effect and no pollution.
3. Flexible vacuum, vacuum sintering, micro-positive pressure sintering and other functions.
4, using the most superior thermal insulation structure and materials, good thermal insulation performance of the boiler, less heat storage, more than 25% energy saving than the traditional design.
5. Touch screen operation, PLC centralized control, simple operation, high reliability.
6. It has the functions of over temperature and over pressure fault alarm, automatic mechanical pressure protection, action interlock and so on, with high safety.
7. Remote operation, remote fault diagnosis, remote software upgrade and other functions.







Working area size(mm)





Rated power(KW)





Common temperature()


Ultimate temperature()


Temperature uniformity()


Rated power supply voltage(V)


Rated heating voltage

Depending on the setting and equipping with the transformer.

Vacuum ultimate(Pa)

6.6×10-3pa(vacuum state)

Control type

Manual /automatic



Vacuum system

Rotary vane vacuum pump with Roots vacuum pump

Slide valve vacuum pump with Roots vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump with Roots vacuum pump andoil diffusion vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum with Roots vacuum pump and molecule vacuum pump


Working environment

Vacuum, Ar2 and such gas.

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