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Ultra audio frequency metal melting furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Ultra audio frequency metal melting furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Ultra audio frequency metal melting furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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Ultra audio frequency metal melting furnace product introduction:

Jinkezhi melting equipment consists of frequency conversion device (main engine), induction furnace, pre-furnace control and other parts. Medium frequency power supply is the three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency after rectifying circuit into direct current (dc), through the inverter circuit output for single phase medium frequency ac supply induction furnace (induction electromagnetic coil), then using the electromagnetic induction principle, artifacts in the alternating magnetic field of eddy current heating, smelting, quenching, such as heating heating requirements.

Melting furnace performance characteristics:

1. The central control circuit board is optimized by the computer design, the unit circuit optimization combination, the device performance is stable, the quality is reliable, the anti-interference is strong;
2. Reasonable component layout and convenient maintenance; Highly integrated circuit scheme, debugging and operation are fast, simple and easy to learn
3. On the basis of zero voltage start, automatic frequency sweep and repeated start function are added, voltage and current loop circuit is closely tracked, and the device starts and stops smoothly and stably without current shock.
4. Inverter start signal adopts single signal high sensitive trigger circuit, which further increases the start performance of the equipment and makes the success rate of the equipment reach 100%.
5. Constant power circuit control system, in the production with the changes in the charge of the rapid voltage and current automatic regulation in the setting, do not need manual regulation;
6. It has perfect protection system of over pressure, over current, under pressure, water shortage, phase shortage, pressure and current limit, so as to ensure the reliability of the equipment and working stability;
Ultra audio frequency metal melting and smelting furnace equipment advantages:
1. Fast heating speed, less oxidation and decarbonization
Due to the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating furnace for electromagnetic induction, the quantity of heat is produced due to the artifact itself, fast heating, the heating way, few oxidation, high heating efficiency, process repeatability, the metal surface is only very slight discoloration, mild polishing can restore the surface mirror bright, thus effectively get constant material properties.
2. High degree of automation, can achieve automatic unmanned operation, improve labor productivity.
3. Uniform heating, high temperature control accuracy, uniform heating, to ensure that the heating workpiece core table temperature difference is small, through the temperature control system can be accurately controlled to ensure the repeated precision of the product.
4. The induction furnace body is easy to replace according to the size of the workpiece processed, different specifications of the induction furnace body shall be configured.
5. Complete equipment protection the whole machine is equipped with water temperature, water pressure, phase loss, over pressure, over current, pressure limit/current limit, over current start, constant current and buffer start, so that the equipment starts smoothly, protects reliably and quickly, and operates stably.
6. Low energy consumption, high pollution-free heating efficiency, compared with other heating methods, effectively reduce energy consumption, high labor productivity, pollution-free, equipment meets the requirements of environmental protection
Main products:
New generation IBGT intermediate frequency electric furnace, heat preservation furnace, heating furnace, diathermy furnace, quenching furnace and other industrial electric furnace, and supporting equipment.

Ultra-audio frequency metal melting furnace main applications:

Metallurgy industry, casting industry, forging industry, heat treatment industry, petroleum machinery industry, coal mine machinery industry, steel pipe, stainless steel pipe industry, machinery, thermal assembly and processing industry, chemical industry, hvac, food industry, steel strand, steel wire, cable industry.



Melting capacity of steel and stainless steel

Aluminum, aluminum alloy melting capacity

Smelting capacity of copper, gold and silver

SDZ-15 15KW Melting furnace




SDZ-25 25KW Melting furnace




SDZ-35 35KW Melting furnace




SDZ-45 45KW Melting furnace




SDZ-70 70KW Melting furnace




SDZ-90 90KW Melting furnace




SDZ-110 110KW Melting furnace




SDZ-160 160KW Melting furnace





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