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Stainless steel vacuum melting furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Stainless steel vacuum melting furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Stainless steel vacuum melting furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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Stainless steel vacuum melting furnace mainly uses electromagnetic induction principle to smelt iron, steel, copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

stainless steel vacuum melting furnace main components:
1. furnace body
2. Hydraulic tilting device
3. operating table
4. Intermediate frequency power supply
5. Low voltage power cabinet
6. Crucible mold (aluminum scroll type)
7. water tank
The product is a small vacuum induction furnace with induction heating, and the melting temperature of the equipment can reach 2000 ° C The induction furnace adopts stainless steel water-cooling chamber and quartz observation window to observe the melting of samples It is suitable for the melting and heat treatment of a small number of samples and the study of phase diagram The equipment is equipped with a high vacuum molecular pump group, which can effectively improve the vacuum degree of the substrate, thus improving the melting quality The equipment is also equipped with a lifting platform and a turning handle to facilitate casting and sampling operations after melting.
The equipment has comprehensive functions, fast melting speed, convenient use, energy saving and environmental protection, and is very suitable for laboratory research of small dose metal samples.





Induction Heater

Working Voltage: 220V AC, 50Hz, Three Phase

Working Current: 42 Amp (50A breaker required)

Max. Oscillating Power: 25KW

Max. Input Power: 15KW

Max. Oscillating Power: 2 - 25 KW

Output Frequency: 30 - 80 kHz Adjustable

Duty Cycle: 80%

Induction Coil: 95mm(OD) x 85mm(ID) x 50mm(H) 

Auto Heating Time: 1-99 seconds

Auto Dwell Time: 1-99 seconds

Auto Cooling Time: 1-99 seconds

Air Cooling: Rear Fan

Protection: Automatic water pressure, over temperature, and over power protection

Vacuum Chamber

Graphite Crucible


Quartz Tube

Half Open Quartz Tube is included with dimensions of 80mm(OD) x 75mm(ID) x 300mm(L)Optional: 100mm(OD) x 92mm(ID) x 300mm(L) Quartz Tube is available at extra cost

Vacuum Flange: 

Stainless Steel Flange with high-temperature silicone o-ring and self-tighten structure

Two valves and vacuum gauge installed on the flange.

KF25 connector and 1000mm long SS pipe is included for connecting to vacuum pump

High Purity Graphite Crucible: 2.285"(OD) x 1.415"(ID) x 3.05"(Deep) Crucible (79mL) included for heating and melting

Complete refractory assembling made of alumina, including bottom crucible support, crucible holder, and cover.

One chamber shield is included to protect the chamber from foreign objects damage as well as containing exploded piece of the chamber.

Working Temperature

This induction heating system can reach 2000oC via graphite heater

No temperature controller. Temperature will be determined by sample melting via adjusting current

Water Chiller

Temperature range: 5 - 30°C

Water Flow Rate: 16 L/min

Water Tank: 12 Liters made of stainless steel

Note: It is recommended to use specific coolant to get the best performance.

For US customer, 110V water chiller will be included

Vacuum Pump

One 156L/m Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump is included

Rate: 156 L/min

Max. Power Consumption: 0.4KW / 0.37KW

For US customer, 110V Vacuum pump will be included

Heavy Duty Mobile Cart

Structure: Steel Frame Mobile Cart

600mm(L) x 800mm(W) surface for placing Induction Heater & Quartz Tube with Flange

Protective Shield 

For Non-UL Certified version, a protective shield made of phenolic sheets will be provided.

For UL Certified version, a clear protective shield made of polycarbonate will be provided.

The protective shield is to be placed around the quartz tube to contain the shooting glass shards if accidents were to happen.


One year limited warranty with lifetime support


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