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High-Temperature Hydrogen Furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets High-Temperature Hydrogen Furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month High-Temperature Hydrogen Furnace

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Introduction of high temperature hydrogen furnace

According to the temperature of hydrogen furnace and divided into two kinds of high temperature hydrogen furnace and medium temperature hydrogen furnace, according to the use of divided into single-station hydrogen furnace and dual-station hydrogen furnace, according to the structure of divided into vertical hydrogen furnace, horizontal hydrogen furnace and bottom feed hydrogen furnace. The high-temperature hydrogen furnace is used for sintering powder metallurgy and ceramic metallization process, reduction and sintering of phosphors, etc., while the medium-temperature hydrogen furnace is used for welding, annealing, degassing, degreasing, purification and other processes. The maximum temperature index of hydrogen furnace can be put forward according to process requirement.
The company set design, manufacturing, maintenance as a whole, our company mainly for high temperature hydrogen furnace, medium temperature hydrogen furnace, single station hydrogen furnace, double station hydrogen furnace, bottom feed hydrogen furnace, vacuum hydrogen dual-use furnace design production maintenance and transformation.

Principle of high temperature hydrogen furnace

Hydrogen sintering furnace is designed for the industrial production of hard alloy, dysprosium metal and ceramic materials by sintering carbide tool heads and various metal powder compacting bodies under the condition of protective atmosphere and using the heating principle of tungsten and bile.
Tungsten sintering furnace is under the protection of hydrogen after vacuuming, using the heating principle of heating components, through heat radiation conduction to the workpiece, suitable for scientific research, military units.

Main structure and composition of high temperature hydrogen furnace

Structure for the vertical, under the discharge mode. Its main components are: electric furnace body, vacuum system, water cooling system, pneumatic system, hydraulic system, feed and feed mechanism, base, work table, heating device (tungsten and molybdenum heating body and advanced insulation material), power supply device, electrical control system, etc.

\ Model



Maximum temperature


Operating temperature


Maximum effective volume



Maximum effective volume...


Temperature control accuracy


Temperature uniformity

±3°C, 5 points temperature measurement 1000°C space furnace heat preservation for 30 minutes

Furnace material

stainless steel

Heating time

Room temperature --- 1000 ° C can be less than 1h

Vacuum requirement

Exhaust atmosphere 5pa

power supply

380V/220V 50Hz 50KW

380V/220V 50Hz 60KW

Hydrogen pressure

1×104~3×104PaAir consumption<10升/分

Nitrogen pressure

1×104~5×104PaAir consumption<10升/分

Water pressure

0.2~0.4Mpa Water Consumption<1T/h

control method

Manual and automatic switching

Manual and automatic switching




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