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Double Chamber Vacuum Brazing furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Double Chamber Vacuum Brazing furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Double Chamber Vacuum Brazing furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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 The machine of double chamber vacuum brazing furnace is composed of vacuum chamber, heating system, worktable, pumping system, cooling system, electrical control system, etc.

One. Functional characteristics:
1. Eequpment is a double vacuum chamber and a pump system configuration scheme. The two rooms can work alternately to improve production efficiency.
2. Double hull vacuum chamber design, water layer interlayer.
3. The electric system adopts PLC program and operates the man-machine interface (touch screen) of the control system. It can be operated manually, semi-automatically and fully.
4. Heating temperature and time can be set at will.
5. Monitoring System
1) Matching digital display compound vacuum gauge.
2) Automatic matching temperature monitoring device.
3) Water distribution automatic alarm device.
4) Matching pneumatic automatic alarm device.
6. Functions of automatic control system:
1) Vacuum system control and process display.
2) Basic unit control and power display.
3) Safety alarm and diagnostic display.
7. The working frame is fixed and installed in the middle of the cavity. There are three layers (top, middle and bottom) on which the cup holder is placed.
8. Use small hydraulic forklift truck to load and unload workpieces. (Customer preparation is required)




Vacuum Chamber


Inner Chamber Size

Φ1800×2200  mm/Optional


All the material is using Stainless steel. Inner plating thickness≥10mm,Outer plating thickness≥5mm  Door flange thickness≥30mm

 Chamber surface spray paint treatment, the paint color could decide by customer.


Horizontal,Double door structure.

Double layer structure,interlayer for cooling water.

Gate use spring hinge,can let the door seel uniform pressure.

Door adopt cylinder clamping mechanism,decorate 2 sets.

Pumping point was in top of the chamber and flashboard valve connection.

Inspection Window

There is a inspection window in the vacuum chamber door,can observe the inner working.

Work Rest

Using Q235 angle iron to make, total 3 layers.

Match 6 cup basket,use stainless steel wire mesh


Heating System

Heating using stainless steel U type heat tube.The highest temperature achieved 550ºC in chamber.

Heat tube distribution: Around the work rest.Up and

 down,right and left,front and back,middle two layers.

Match 8 thermocouples,respectively test 8 points

 environment temperature in chamber.

Using solid-state relay, temperature controller, PID control.

Heating power about 90KW.

Pumping System

Diffusion Pump

Adopt 1 set of KT-800 diffusion pump,be made by Zhenlong Company in Shenyang.

Pumping speed: 30000L/S  Power:13KW

Match 1suit of water cold trap

Booster Pump

Adopt one set of RTO-1200 roots pump,be made by Cuiman Company in Shanghai.

Pumping speed: 1200L/S   Power:12KW

Mechanical Pump

Adopt 1set of HL-150 rotary plunger valve pump,be made by Shengong Company in Zhejiang.

Pumping speed: 150m3/h  Power:11KW

Holding Pump

Adopt 1 set of 2X-30 sliding vane rotary vacuum pump,be made by Nanguang Company in Chendu.

Pumping speed: 30m3/h  Power:3KW

Vacuum Measurement System

One suit of digital compound vacuum gauge,be made by Zhenghua Company in Chengdu.

Two vacuum chamber switch used.

Cooling System

3 sets of water separators

Inlet and outlet pipe using two colors distinguish,the line specifications, neat, beautiful.


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