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Ceramic fiber box heat treatment furnace

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Ceramic fiber box heat treatment furnace

Supply Ability: 2 Set/Sets per Month Ceramic fiber box heat treatment furnace

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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Product overview
The KJ-M1200-4LZ small-sized ceramic fiber box heat treatment furnace is made of imported ceramic fiber from the United States. The material has good heat preservation effect, light weight, uniform heating temperature, fast heating speed (very suitable for chemical industry), good energy saving performance and energy consumption is only 40% of the traditional muffle furnace.
The muffle furnace has reached the international advanced level in various indicators. It is mainly used in the laboratories of colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, for chemical analysis, physical determination, sintering and dissolution of metals and ceramics, for the discharge, pre-sintering and firing of electronic components, powder metallurgy, magnetic materials and other products, and for the heat treatment process of other materials.
Scope of application
(1) Institutions of scientific research: Laboratories conduct performance experiments of products or materials at high temperatures.
(2) Hot processing, industrial workpiece processing, cement, building materials industry, small workpiece thermal processing or processing.
(3) Pharmaceutical industry: for drug testing, medical sample pretreatment, etc.
(4) Analytical Chemistry Industry: Sample processing as water quality analysis, environmental analysis and other fields. It can also be used for petroleum and its analysis.
(5) Coal quality analysis: Used to determine moisture, ash, volatile matter, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, element analysis. It can also be used as a general ashing furnace.
Product characteristics
Polycrystalline fiber furnace, energy saving and corrosion resistance:
Furnace is made of imported energy-saving materials. The total energy consumption of the furnace is only 1/3 of that of the traditional electric furnace. It can save energy and protect the environment.
Double inner liner shell with air cooling system for rapid heating and cooling:
The whole furnace body adopts a double-layer inner gallbladder structure with air gap isolation in the middle. Even if the furnace temperature is as high as 1200 C, the surface of the furnace body can still be safely touched without hot feeling.
Embedded alloy electric heating wire, fast heating, long service life:
The heating elements adopt high quality inlaid alloy electric heating wire, which has high heating efficiency, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating, long service life, small high temperature deformation, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life.
Microcomputer PID controller, easy to operate:
It is easy to operate, precise, reliable, safe and multi-stage programmable control of temperature. It can simplify the complex test process and realize the automatic control and operation.
Furnace body is equipped with: output voltage and output current monitoring meter, furnace heating state is clear at a glance.


product name

1200°C small ceramic fiber box heat treatment furnace

Product number



320x430x500mm (more specifications can be customized according to customer requirements)

Furnace effective size


Normal operating temperature


Maximum working temperature


Furnace material
Alumina polycrystalline fiber

Temperature control method

Intelligent 30-segment programmable control (user optional LCD touch screen display)

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature control

With over-temperature and break protection

Heating rate


Heating element

Special molybdenum-containing resistance wire

Operating Voltage

AC 220V single phase 50HZ (circuit voltage user can choose custom)

Maximum power


Temperature test component

K type thermocouple temperature measurement

net weight


Furnace structure optional

Vertical, horizontal, integrated, split

Optional door opening method

Side open, upper open, lower open, side slip

Provide related accessories

Clamps, high temperature gloves, thermocouples, mats, door plugs

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