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vacuum furnace maintenance precautions

There will inevitably be some minor faults when anything is used for a certain period of time. So, what should we pay attention to after maintenance of the vacuum furnace?

Vacuum furnace is a heating equipment in vacuum environment. It is generally composed of furnace, electric heating device, sealed shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control system. Vacuum furnaces are divided into vacuum resistance furnaces, vacuum induction furnaces, vacuum arc furnaces, vacuum consumable arc furnaces, electron beam furnaces and plasma furnaces.

Vacuum furnace is mainly used for ceramic firing, vacuum smelting, degassing of electric vacuum parts, annealing, brazing of metal parts, and ceramic-metal sealing. After repairing the vacuum furnace, vacuum leak detection must be carried out in order to dry the furnace. Before drying the vacuum furnace, the insulation of the vacuum furnace can be detected by a 1000V shaking table, which is not less than 2M.

Vacuum oven drying can be divided into three stages:

1. The period of water discharge is O-200 C, which is the period of water in the insulation layer of vacuum furnace and moisture in the vacuum furnace body. Vacuum degree of vacuum furnace must be checked, and the time of heat preservation is longer.

2. The temperature range of the vacuum furnace body with large gas discharge is generally around 500 ~C. Because the vacuum furnace has large gas discharge, the temperature rise at this time is not more than 50 ~C/h. The holding time is generally more than 60 minutes 

3. The insulation period is about 1200 C. When the heating temperature is increased by 100-200 C, the insulation should be kept for a period of time. If the heating rate is too fast, the insulation layer will be damaged easily, and the exhaust of the vacuum furnace will not be complete.

Vacuum tempering furnace compiles operation rules for use and maintenance of vacuum furnace, establishes operation records and repair files of vacuum furnace, counts cumulative working time, strengthens daily maintenance of vacuum furnace, grasps the changing trend of equipment technical status, finds out early failure and damage seemingly, avoids emergency repair of vacuum furnace, and according to the working load and operation status of vacuum furnace, makes targeted maintenance in advance. Prepare spare parts for repairing vacuum furnaces and work out the operation and maintenance plan of vacuum furnaces. For example, the service life of vacuum furnace heating elements is related to many factors, such as working temperature, product medium in vacuum furnace, product quantity and operation. Under the condition of 24 hours processing and production every day, the replacement of vacuum furnace heating elements and heat shield is about every two or three years.

Vacuum furnaces usually have more leakage failures in spring and autumn. Vacuum furnaces that have been idle for a long time are easy to occur when they are only used for a second time. Vacuum leak detection must be carried out at this time. Vacuum leak detection usually takes the rate of pressure rise once a month (closing all vacuum valves at room temperature, stopping the operation of vacuum system, reading a number after one minute, reading a number after one hour, the difference between the two numbers is the value of pressure rise rate). To grasp the trend of equipment leak change, such as vacuum equipment shutdown continuously for one week, running empty once (drying oven).

Cautions for the use of vacuum furnaces include:

1. Workpiece-workpiece truck must be cleaned and dried before it enters the furnace to prevent water and dirt from entering the furnace.

2. When each transmission part finds clamp position, inaccurate limit, control failure and other phenomena, it should be eliminated immediately, and not be forced to operate, in order to avoid damage to the machine parts.

3. Operate in strict accordance with the operating rules. No switching is allowed at will. Operators are strictly prohibited from operating informally.

The above is a detailed description of what should be paid attention to when maintaining the vacuum furnace. If you don't know anything else, you can contact our Liyu kiln directly online.


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