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Vacuum Sintering Furnace Air Leak Detection Solution

In the sintering furnace, the ore powder is mixed with auxiliary materials (such as coke powder) and the iron oxide pellets are obtained after sintering, which are used as raw materials for blast furnace. The operation of modern large blast furnace needs mature experience and operation. The key is to strictly control the quality of sintering furnace ore (iron oxide pellet size). In this process, air leakage detection is extremely important, not only because it can save energy, but also to ensure that the sintering furnace operates in the best conditions, and then produce high-quality sinter pellets.

Regular maintenance of sintering furnace equipment is the most effective way to prevent air leakage. Cost reduction should be considered as well as energy loss caused by air leakage. After air leak detection, the equipment can be repaired in time or other effective maintenance measures can be taken.

Oxygen analyzer is often used to detect air leakage. Because of the excellent performance of ZR22/ZR402 in response speed, stability and maintainability, ZR22/ZR402 direct-inserted zirconia oxygen analyzer has been widely used in production. Even in bad working conditions, such as high dust, high humidity and pressure of - 5kPa, we can ensure the normal operation of ZR22/ZR402 oxygen analyzer in sintering furnace.

Public conditions

Power Supply:

Rated voltage: 100-240V AC

Working voltage range: 85-264V AC

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

Working frequency range: 45-66Hz

Power consumption: about 100VA (zui larger than 300VA)

Instrument pressure: 300-700 kPa

(Reference gas): Consumption: about 1 l/min


field data

process conditions

Measuring point: bellows

Temperature: <200 C

Pressure: 5 kPa~0 kPa

Ingredients: CO2: about 10%; CO: about 2%;

O 2: 8%-16%, N 2: 76%.

SO2: About 600 ppm

Humidity: 4%-17%(Containing water droplets)

Dust: 1g/Nm3~5g/Nm3 (Sintered Powder/Lump Iron Pellet: Diameter about 30mm)

Flow: about 2m/s to 5m/s

measurement system

Measuring point: bellows

Detector: ZR22G-100-C-K-P-?-?-E-A/C/CV

Probe protector: ZO2 1R-L-100-J*B

Zirconia oxygen analyzer: ZR402G-? -J-E-A/?

Automatic Calibration Device: ZR40H-?-?-A Zero Point Cylinder/Pressure Regulating Valve

Cylinder pressure regulator: P/N G7013XF (inlet W22, outlet Rc1/4) or P/N G7014XF (inlet W22, outlet 1/4NPT)

Standard cylinders and accessories P/N E7044KF


Standard cylinders must be purchased locally.

Matters needing attention

Because the sample gas contains a large amount of sinter powder, probe protector should be used to protect the detector.

If the sample gas contains CO, it needs to be compensated by calculation.

Install a detector to prevent the probe from pointing opposite to the direction of gas flow. The recommended installation method is that the detector is perpendicular to the airflow and the probe protector recess is oriented towards the airflow. If necessary, it can also be installed in any direction of 0 90 with the vertical direction.


Customized Solution