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Reasons for Quenching Deformation of Vacuum Furnace

In the process of processing the workpiece, there is a method called quenching, which is more commonly used in most furnaces, but how to operate the vacuum furnace quenching, the following will explain for you.

In fact, the main purpose of quenching is to improve the hardness, wear resistance and toughness of the workpiece, so as to meet different work needs. At present, quenching technology is widely used in mechanical manufacturing industry. Many people use vacuum furnace quenching easy to produce deformation, in fact, quenching deformation is mainly due to uneven heating, inaccurate temperature control and other reasons, so deformation is very normal, but only in the process of processing more cautious can avoid this situation. Here is a brief introduction of some matters needing attention when quenching in vacuum furnace.


In the process of oil quenching heating for vacuum furnace quenching, under too low vacuum pressure, vacuum quenching oil will not be able to cool down because of too low pressure. At this time, for the equipment of furnace inner wall, especially the bottom plate, how to select the metal quality is the most important, because it involves the heat conduction of different metals. The degree of quenching varies greatly, so this is very important. It can directly relate to the quenching effect of vacuum furnace.

For this matter, before quenching in vacuum furnace, high density inactive gas should be added into quenching chamber to produce pressure on the surface of oil fire. Only in this way can the perfect work and extremely smooth surface of stainless steel in quenching process be fully reflected. So here comes a technical term "critical quenching pressure", which refers to the minimum hardness of quenching under the same pressure. The common feature of critical quenching pressure and vacuum quenching oil is the hardness of the metal itself.

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