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Vacuum Exhibition

6th Guangdong International Vacuum Industry Exhibition 2018

Data/time : June 12, 2018 solstice 14 / guangzhou, China.

The exhibition will be held at the poly world expo center in guangzhou, China.

China's vacuum show will be a platform to showcase a large number of basic products in 2018. Some of these involve pumps, nanotechnology, vacuum, vacuum technology, nanomaterials and vacuum coatings.

The 6th guangdong international vacuum industrial exhibition is held annually in 2018.

Exhibitor profile:

 Vacuum acquisition equipment:
 Rotary vane vacuum pumps / Oil diffusion pumps / Roots vacuum pumps / Oil booster pumps / Turbo molecular pumps / Molecular sieve suction pumps / Titanium sublimation pumps  Vacuum   

application equipment:
 Various vacuum metallurgical equipment / heat treatment equipment / vacuum freeze drying equipment / vacuum packaging equipment.

 Vacuum coating equipment:
 Optical coating equipments / PVD equipments / CVD equipments / Consumable materials and power supply / Coating process

 Nanotechnology and equipment, nanomaterials, nanoscale devices.

 Vacuum valve and vacuum components:
 Vacuum electronic components / Vacuum systems attachment / Dynamic and static sealing devices

Vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, gauges and vacuum leak detector device

Vacuum materials, vacuum pump oil and vacuum engineering equipment

Surface equipment(AES,SEM, XPS, SIMS etc.)and molecular beam epitaxy equipment (MBE)