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6th Asian HTSE Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Exhibition

The 6th Asian HT&SE 2020 Conference and Exhibition will be held at the Chennai Trade Center in Chennai, India. The Chennai Trade Center is one of the most modern and advanced exhibition centers in India. It also has extraordinary facilities for meeting and Exhibition purposes.

Conference Date: March 05-07, 2020

Venue: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India

The Sixth Asian HTSE aims to bring together industry professionals, senior managers, managers, engineers and researchers, heat treatment professionals, tool manufacturers and users, suppliers of heat treatment and surface engineering equipment and equipment, and academicians from all over the world. The conference and exhibition aims to provide opportunities for experts involved in heat treatment and surface engineering to present and exchange technical information and updates at the international level.

The Sixth Asian Conference on Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, which lasts three days, will receive more than 500 delegates from India and abroad. More than 150 high-quality technical papers are expected to be published at the conference. More than 70 exhibitors are expected to attend the Expo, and more than 5,000 business visitors are expected to attend the conference and the Expo. The event includes plenary sessions and keynote speakers from around the world. The event will be co-organized and sponsored by leading industries, companies, government organizations and professional associations in India and abroad. The seminar will focus on advanced materials, special heat treatment and innovative surface treatment.

Exhibitor brief introduction:

Advanced heat treatment process and furnace.

Commercial heat treatment services.

Heat treatment processes compounds and solutions.

Heat treatment process control and instrumentation.

Industrial heat treatment process materials.

Machinery and metal cutting equipment.

Material stamping, forging, casting, etc.

Material processing and parts manufacturing.

Material testing/characterization equipment services and supply.

Metal forming equipment.

Surface modification and coating

Surface treatment, shot blasting, polishing and pickling.

Surface engineering, cladding and hard surfaces

Chemical conversion coatings.

Surface analysis and Nanotechnology

Electroplating and Paint Spraying Protection

PVD and CVD Coatings

Wear Resistant and Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Heat Treatment of Non-Metals (Ceramics, Polymers and Composites)

Thermal spraying

Steel and Alloy Manufacturing

Equipment and machinery for surface modification and coating

Welding equipment