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High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Model: RVB-669

PART 1 Summary Technical parameter

Main feature: The material of inner wall of vacuum chamber is stainless steel, full metal screen heating chamber, high vacuum, pure atmosphere inside furnace.


Chamber type

Horizontal type, single chamber

Max. Loading size(W×H×L mm)


Max. Loading weight



For brazing of copper-base and nickel-base, also for gas quenching and annealing of part of metal materials.



Three phase 380V(±6% );50Hz



Input voltage tolerance


Installed power


Cooling water


feed water pressure 0.1~0.3MPa; temperature ≤35℃; PH is around 7; soft water excluding sediment and impurities.



Molybdenum plates 2+4 layers stainless steel screen
Or adopts hard carbon felt or soft carbon felt

Temperature & tolerance temperature


Working temperature scope


Temperature uniformity


Max. overshoot


Temperature control components


Thermocouple type

3 pcs S-type

Heating method

Quantity of heating zons


Heating element

High temperature Molybdenum tape Or Graphite, shape plate or tube

Heating power


Working temperature time for heating


Heating speed


Heating shape






First-stage pump

Rotary vane pump:2X-70


Second-stage pump

Roots pump:ZJ600


Third-stage pump

Oil diffusion pump:KT600


Holding pump

Rotary vane pump:2x-15


Ultimate vaccum


Working vacuum


Time for working vacuum


Vacuum gauge type

Compound vacuum gauge


Control components

Siemens PLC

Control panel


PART 2 : Product picture&processing introduction

Vacuum Brazing Furnace
High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace

PART 3:Structure&Features

The furnace is composed of vacuum system, shell, heating chamber, control system, cooling system, cold water system, inflation/deflation system, pneumatic system, temperature measurement system and feeder, etc.

1、Vacuum system

1.1 In order to ensure vacuum condition, the vacuum system is equipped with three stages vacuum unit: KT-600 diffusion pump(with temperature control), ZJ-600 roots pump and 2X-70 mechanical pump.
1.2 It is set with vacuum testing point on pro-stage piping, to judge if the pro-stage vacuum pump is working fine or not.
1.3 This system uses high reliability vacuum pneumatic operation baffle valve.
1.4 Diffusion pump has function of automatic temperature control, inlet is with cold trap, can effectively prevent pump oil backflow and migration.

2、Furnace shell

2.1 The furnace shell is double water cooling jacket structure It’s made of furnace body, furnace door and connectors. The material of inner wall and outer wall are made of high-quality carbon steel. Hinge coupling front opening door.
2.2 It has static sealing observation window on furnace door, for observing the status of hot zone. The furnace door is opened with pneumatic locking ring dislocation structure, convenience operation, safety and reliable.
2.3 It has connectors of vacuum system, multi-points temperature measurement, thermocouple, water cooled electrode and inflation/deflation gas on furnace shell. All hot connectors add water cooling or fluorine aprons of heat-resistant seal, so there is no effect on seal at high temperature condition in the furnace.
2.4 After the shell is welded with each structure components, should be tested under 4kg/cm2 water pressure in 30minutes strictly, to ensure the quality of welding, providing stable vacuum environment for long time working.
2.5 The furnace body has dirty-drain device for keeping clear cooling water jacket in long-term use.

3、Heating chamber

3.1 It’s composed of stainless steel shell, insulation layer, insulating parts, workpiece support and heating element.
3.2 The material of Heater is high temperature Molybdenum strip (using temp. is 1700degree . According to the working area size of heating chamber and temperature uniformity requirements, it sets 3 heating zones.
3.3 Heating zones have 3pcs thermocouple
3.4 The insulation layer uses 2 layers Molybdenum screen +4 layers stainless steel screen, clean inside furnace, low outgassing amount, high vacuum level. In order to ensure insulation effect of heating chamber for long time using, Molybdenum screen takes processing of anti-varaint.
3.5 The furnace body and heating chamber have set multi-points temperature interface for checking uniformity of temperature area.
3.6 Workpiece support is made of graphite, its carrying capacity is not less than 500kg.
3.7 Cooling method: inlet air around nozzle, return air in front and back sides .

heating chamber
picture of graphite heating
heating chamber of graphite plate
4、Control system

4.1 This system is by taking Germany Siemens PLC S7-200. Vacuum pumps, valves, heating power adopt interlocking protection control. It can judge abnormal during the furnace is under processing and give an alarm to realize automation control.
4.2 Temperature is controlled by PLC which made of SCR power controller and thermocouple, compilation of temperature procedure is finished on touch screen. The system can set up, the curve can be connected. Whole temperature rising is showed by curve and data on touch screen. Touch screen has function of data recording, it can record data of furnace multi-temperature zone, vacuum and inflation pressure, etc.. The user can copy CF card data of touch screen into U disk.
4.3 Vacuum gauge is compound vacuum gauge, it can measure furnace vacuum. In the same time, to complete process of main valve open&close and automation insulation according to the measured vacuum level by vacuum gauge. Pressure is measured by pressure transmitter, to control inflation pressure inside furnace during cooling.
4.4 The control cabinet has equipped with big analog screen for reflect working conditions, and control buttons are on it, easy operation.
4.5 Control cabinet has a variety of abnormal alarm indicator and alarm buzzer.

The following are part of touch screen interface for reference only.

temperature setting interface
temperature control interface
history data
history curve
history event
current event and alarming
5、Cooling system

5.1 The system is composed of motor, impeller, heat exchanger and cooling air duct, sealed gas circulation channel. Internal circulation cooling.
5.2 Motor insulation adopts vacuum treatment process, can be work stably under conditions of vacuum when temperature is less than 100℃ and pressure is higher 0.07MPa.
5.3 Heat exchanger adopts high fin copper heat exchanger. Its heat exchange area is large and cooling efficiency is high.
5.4 Impeller is special heat resistant steel centrifugal impeller, high efficiency, big flow.

6、Water-cooling system

6.1 The system is composed of inlet pipe, butterfly valve, return water tank, electric contact pressure gauge, water hose, etc.
6.2 Return water box adopts open-type structure, it’s clear at a glance, can observe each cooling part of return water status.
6.3 The main water piping is equipped with electric contact pressure gauge. The purpose is to provide sign to control system when water pressure is not enough, then judging alarm or cut off power supply by the control system.
6.4 To make a device beautiful, all water hoses adopt hydraulic hose.
6.5 Water cooling has emergency water connector to supply emergency water in case of power failure.

7、Inflation/Deflation system

7.1 This system is composed of main inflation channel, vice inflatable channel in parallel, can inflate inert gas such as Nitrogen, Argon, etc. according to processing requirements.
7.2 The main inflation channel is automatic operation. Inflation valve adopts imported magnetic valve, can adjust air pressure according to different cooling speed, and can stop inflating automatically when inflating pressure reaches different pressure( able to inflate gas automatically when below the limit of set pressure; able to stop inflation automatically when reaches the limit of st pressure).
7.3 Vice inflatable channel adopts manual valve, to protect whole system and workpiece are not damaged, in case of power cut suddenly.
7.4 Inflation piping is equipped with electric contact pressure gauge,. When the pressure is lower than set pressure, the gauge will alarm.

8、Pneumatic system

8.1 It’s composed of two five-way solenoid directional valve group, the oil-water separator, gas path and air compressor(prepared by user). It supports pneumatic operation baffle valve mainly.
8.2 Air piping has pressure gauge with electric contact for alarm when it’s lower than set pressure.

9、Temperature measurement system

The system is composed of 3pcs S-type thermocouple. The thermocouple adopts lead terminals and thermocouple protection tube sealing structure, can fully avoid accidental leakage when thermocouple protection is in high temperature, improving the reliability of the equipment.

10、Feeding skip adopts the structure of manual hydraulic to realize picking up workpiece smoothly. Feeding skip