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Aluminum profile mould

"Mold is the basic process equipment for industrial production" has also reached consensus. In electronics, automobiles, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, instruments, meters, home appliances, and communications products, 60% to 80% of parts and components rely on mold forming. The high precision, high complexity, high consistency, high production, and low consumption of parts produced with molds are unmatched by other manufacturing methods. The mold is also a “benefit amplifier.” The value of the final product produced with a mold is often several tens of times and hundreds of times the value of the mold itself.

Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace is applied for quenching high-speed tool steel, measuring vacuum hardening and cutting steel, tool steel and other alloy steel, with convection heating function, which can achieve the process of  step hardening,  

isothermal quenching, but also tempering, annealing, carburizing, nitriding and other heat treatment process. Ultimate pressure :cooling gas ,6Bar or 10Bar.

The control system was controlled by PLC, temperature was controlled by intelligent temp controller, accurate control,high automation. User can choose auto or manual undisturbed switching tooperate it, this furnace has abnormal condition alarming function, easy to operate.

Environmental protection performance of vacuum furnace has been improved, maintenance cost saving, energy cost saving.


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