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Vacuum heat treatment for robot parts

Robot is a product of advanced integrated cybernetics, mechatronics, computers, materials, and bionics. In the industrial, medical, agricultural, construction and even military areas have important applications.

The concept of robotics in the international community has gradually converged. In general, people can accept this argument that robots are machines that rely on their own power and control capabilities to achieve various functions. The United Nations Organization for Standardization adopted the definition of robots by the American Robotics Association: "A programmable and multi-functional manipulator; or a specialized system that can be used to carry out computer changes and programmable actions in order to perform different tasks." It can Mankind brings many conveniences!

Industrial robots are an important automated equipment for modern manufacturing, integrating mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensors, artificial intelligence and other multi-disciplinary advanced technologies. Since the United States developed the world's first industrial robot in 1962, robotics and its products have developed rapidly and have become automated tools for flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), automated factories (FA), and computer integrated manufacturing systems (CIMS).

Vacuum Heat Treatment is the process in which metallic/steel parts are exposed completely or partially to time-temperature sequences in order to change the mechanical and/or corrosion properties. There are numerous application areas,

• Annealing

• Hardening

• Tempering

• Aging

• Case hardening

to achieve a higher strength of the material, better wear resistance or to improve the corrosion behaviour of the components.

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