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Axle steel grain tempering

Axle steel grain ultra-fine heat treatment process, it will low-carbon axle steel parts heated by the method of wave heating to the temperature near the critical point Ac3, in order to obtain ultra-fine austenite grains and a small amount of fine iron In the case of element heating, the fluctuation range of temperature does not exceed Ac3±10°C when the wave heating is performed, and the heating time is controlled at 4mm/min according to the effective diameter of the part; after the wave heating is completed, the heating temperature is increased by 5°C~ 10 °C, and to maintain the temperature of the entire part of the cross-section when the basic uniform heat treatment process can be quenched and tempered parts. 

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In the present invention, the pulsating heating is performed near the critical point Ac3 to obtain ultra-fine austenite grains and a small amount of ultra-fine and small-grained ferrites, followed by direct quenching, thereby obtaining ultra-fine martensite microstructure and superfine The multiphase structure of ferrite can significantly toughen and plasticize the material.

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