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Vent Gas liquid ring compressors units

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets Vent Gas liquid ring compressors units

Supply Ability: 400~700 Set/Sets per Month Vent Gas liquid ring compressors units

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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 Our company has gained rich experiences in application of integral units as auxiliary equipment for standard pump/single motor through ten-year research of vacuum device application. We supply integral units of 2BE, 2BV, 2SY and ZJZ series, including gas-liquid separators, heat exchangers, connecting pipes and etc. They can be used for creating vacuum systems with vacuum equipment like roots pumps, slide valve pumps, rotary vane pumps and etc. Boshan Jinggong will provide systemic solutions for our consumers on the basis of our rich experiences and great strengthens in vacuum pump, motor control and electrical appliance control.

The water ring vacuum pumps and compressors shall be used with other devices as compressor units. Our company will

provide following devices: 

actuating device: motor, coupling, etc.;

electric control system: switch cabinet, soft boot device, PIC, etc.;

stop valve equipped at the air inlet to prevent liquid from returning to the system when the compressor stops;

gas-liquid separator which belongs to pressure vessel and is equipped on a vent pipe for separating compressed gas from operating fluid;

condenser equipped at the air inlet for cooling the gas and condensing condensable vapor so as to reduce compressor load;

heat exchange for cooling the operating fluid which is a must for operating fluid circulation;

pipe valves, filters, pressure gages, pressure transmitters, hot resistor transmitters, electromagnetic valves, pneumatic vacuum valves, etc..

The devices and gages are optional depending on specific circumstance and shall be specified in order.

 A great deal of operating fluid is required by the water ring pump for normal operation. Operating fluid consumptions of pumps in different sizes are 0.12m3/h to 50m3/h. Water consumption will be huge in case of continuous water supply, thus the closed water ring pump cycle unit saves plenty of operating fluid.

At work sites of chemical enterprises where the circulating liquid is toxic or the unit is applied to exhausting inflammable and explosive gases, the circulating liquid shall be isolated from outside to prevent pollution. The closed cycle unit, flow parts made of stainless steel and mechanical seal are applicable. 

Excessive scales affecting normal operation will occur in a short time if quality of water source cannot be guaranteed. To ensure smooth operation of the system, a water softener can be equipped in front of the pump to form a closed cycle unit similar to the unit described above, and liquid level shall be monitored so as to supply soft water in time.

Usually the pump unit needs a spare pump and a main pump or several spare pumps and several main pumps to ensure stable and reliable operation of the system. All pumps synchronously start when the unit runs so as to meet technological requirements in the shortest time, then the pumps are shut down by electronic control or remote control except one or a few pumps for maintaining the vacuum system after monitoring signals from instruments of the unit are received. Such mode reduces power of the system, shortens process time and increases automation degree.

Large water ring integral unit can be applied to gas exhaustion, pressure swing adsorption, conveying and filtration. A moveable gas drainage pump station with a sound monitoring and control system has been designed by our company independently. All 2BE products for the station are MA verified with guaranteed reliability. 

A closed container which shall be vacuumized such as a drying system requires vacuum far beyond capacity of the water ring pump, so a serially connected roots pump is needed for establishing a roots-water ring unit to increase exhaustion capacity and limiting vacuum. A three-root unit has a limiting vacuum of about 0.5Pa.

The high pressure water ring compressors must be combined with rear separators which are pressure vessels used for separating liquid and gas, stabilizing conveying pressure and providing circulating liquid. Such compressors can compress gases generated by chlor-alkali industry like hydrogen and ethyne. They are usually combined with heat exchangers and centrifugal pumps as units on common bases. All units are provided wit necessary ports for installation and debugging, thus complex pipe installation is not necessary any more.

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