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Powder metallurgy medical stainless steel 3D printing

Stainless Steel as Biomedical Material is one of the earliest developed biomedical alloys. It is characterized by easy processing and low cost. Corrosion resistance and yield strength can be improved by cold working to avoid fatigue fracture. According to the microstructure of stainless steel can be divided into: austenitic stainless steel, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, precipitation hardening stainless steel, was used to make medical equipment: knives, scissors, hemostatic forceps (Figure 1), needles, At the same time was used to make artificial joints, fracture fixation, dental orthopedic, artificial heart valves and other devices. Among them, the most widely used medical applications are austenitic ultra-low carbon stainless steels 316L and 317L. 

Powder metallurgy medical stainless steel 3D printing

 The biocompatibility and related problems of medical stainless steel mainly relate to the tissue reaction caused by the dissolution of metal ions due to corrosion or wear after stainless steel is implanted in the human body. A large number of clinical data show that the corrosion of medical stainless steel causes poor stability of its long-term implantation, combined with its large density and elastic modulus and human body hard tissue, resulting in poor mechanical compatibility. As corrosion causes metal ions or other compounds to enter the surrounding tissue or the entire body, it can cause certain undesirable histological reactions in the body, such as edema, infection, and tissue necrosis, leading to pain and allergic reactions. In particular, severe lesions induced by the precipitation of nickel ions in stainless steel (usually used austenitic medical stainless steels contain about 10% nickel). In recent years, low-nickel and nickel-free medical stainless steels are gradually being developed and applied.

Vacuum melting atomization equipment is a special device that the vacuum furnace is designed for metal powder under the vacuum condition by process of melting and atomization. It is assembled by vacuum melting chamber, holding furnace, vacuum system, control system, spray system, powder collection system, cooling system, work platforms and other components. It applied for 3D metal print industry, metal powder metallurgy industry.

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