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Hydrogen Decrepitation Furnace for NdFeB


1. Purpose: This equipment is only suitable for the hydrogen absorption and dehydrogenation treatment of NdFeB materials when using hydrogen medium.

2. Equipment composition

2.1 Reaction tank: Cylindrical vertebral reaction tank, made of stainless steel, constructed according to the second type of pressure vessel. ;

2.2 Heating component: The electric furnace part adopts the matching type muffle furnace, the use temperature is 580, the resistance wire heating method is adopted, the maximum power is 80KW, the temperature is controlled by thermocouple, the digital real-time display and the PID thyristor temperature control are adopted.

2.3 Cable introduction system: 380V three-phase five-wire input, the total power is 100KW, it must be safely grounded, and the lightning protection grounding is adopted (the above external wiring is completed by the demander).

2.4 The raw materials are manually fed or flanged to protect the feeding mode. The discharging adopts the flange butt rotation protection discharging method. The hydraulic lifting device is used, that is, when feeding or discharging, the simplified hydraulic device must be raised to the designated position.

2.5 water cooling system: the cylinder is air cooled and water cooled.

2.6 Thermocouple temperature measurement mechanism: 4 sets of temperature detection devices are used.

2.7 vacuum exhaust system: the mechanical pump plus the two-pole vacuum system of the Roots pump, the mechanical pump uses H15O slide valve pump (motor is 15KW), the Roots pump uses ZJP1200 (motor is 7.5KW), the pump group is domestic (Jiaojiang vacuum pump) with one-way vacuum display control (two-way digital display control).

2.8 operating system: using touch screen panel type operating system, LCD screen adopts DOP, PLC adopts OMRON programmable controller.


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