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On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier

Min.Order Quantity: 1 Set/Sets On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier

Supply Ability: 400~700 Set/Sets per Month On-Load Tap Changer Oil Purifier

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,

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       On-Load tap changer oil purifier is mainly used for 35 KV ~ 750 KV transformer, high voltage switch bypass cyclic filter. Timing to filter the switch oil while the transformer system is normal operating. Or automatic filtering switch oil after the tap changer starts.At the same time, this machine can effectively remove free carbon, moisture, oxide and impurities in the oil when it does the circulating filtration. This feature will ensure the quality of switching oil, keep the dielectric strength, increase switch working life, extend maintenance cycle, reduce shutdown frequency , guarantee voltage quality and improve the security and reliability of on-load tap-changer.

GHX series transformer on-load tap-changer is online oil filter device usually permanently installed near by the on-load tap-changer voltage regulator (installation wall-mounted or lateral side stationary), as a special equipment for use, there are a variety of traffic and a variety of different functional accessories to choose from. It is a kind of energy saving and environmentally friendly products.

Products features:

1. One-piece oil, embedded structure, double seal, not leak!

2. Full digital control, LCD display, with the function keys, convenient

3. High precision filtration, on-line oiling, tile silk deflated, practical

4. Sampling before and after filtering, visible window, fault display, intuitive.

5. Intelligent temperature humidity control, multiple protection, remote monitoring, reliable.

6. Stainless steel material, standard control box, all-weather enclosure, durable.

7. Remote monitoring system, the running state and the filter status display

8. Motor reversing control, motor overload, open phase protection device.

9. Adjustable temperature relay configuration, 50% ~ 100%

10. Tap-changer every action will automatically start the oil filter equipment, running time can be set according to need, filtration time generally set 30 minutes (0 ~ 99 hours); Another way to filter regularly, every day running time generally for 2 hours, the two operation modes can be selected respectively.

Optional devices:

Device choice: A, All imported components; B, Joint components.

Material choice: 1. Polished Stainless Steel; 2. Carbon steel of the lacquer that bake

Function choice: A. Automatic/manual/timing; B. Manual/timing

Installation method: 1. Wall mounting type; 2. Side install

Executive standard:

DL/T574-1995 on-load tap-changer operation maintenance guideline

On-load tap-changer GB10584-1989 application guideline


Motor power




Rated flow


Rated pressure






Removing impurity Filter model


Dehydrating filter model


Filtering accuracy


Insulating oil water content


Medium temperature


environment temperature


breakdown voltage after filtered





7 L/min

270×530×800 Deep×width×height(mm)

10 L/min

270×720×1100 deep×width×height(mm)

12 L/min

270×720×1500 deep×width×height(mm)

 Model selection of reference





Vertical On-load tap-changer online oil filter device


Imported configuration, full auto running

Optional flow:
7 L/min,10 L/min,12 L/min


Imported configuration, manual running


Domestic configuration, full auto running


Domestic configuration, manual running


Joint configuration, full auto running


Joint configuration, manual running

Wall On-load tap-changer online oil filter device


Imported configuration, full auto running

Optional flow:
7 L/min,10 L/min,12 L/min


Imported configuration, manual running


Domestic configuration, full auto running


Domestic configuration, manual running


Joint configuration, full auto running


Joint configuration, manual running

※Equipment dimensions and weight are for reference only, with the continuous development of the product in kind prevail.




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