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high temperature Sintering Furnace for NdFeB

High Temperature Sintering Furnace Equipment Usage and Features

High vacuum grain boundary diffusion furnace is for the NdFeB production enterprises to use heavy rare earth metal element boundary diffusion process and research and development of special equipment. 

Through the grain boundary diffusion method to make heavy rare earth metal elements effectively into the magnet grain boundary around, while reducing the use of heavy rare earth metal elements. In the realization of the magnet to increase the coercivity while avoiding the remanence decline.

With the furnace cavity clean, high vacuum, uniform diffusion, low cost, high efficiency, automatic control, simple operation, for the NdFeB metal diffusion production process to provide the ideal environment and means.

Equipment Characteristics and Main Technical Index

Equipment function

Vertical, external heating type

Horizontal, internal heating type

Working zone size



Temperature uniformity



Working temperature


Temperature control accuracy


Heating power



Total power



Loading weight



Pressure rise rate


Furnace working pressure

100pa-1000pa(Could be controled)

Max vacuum level

Diffusion pumping system:5E-4pa
Molecular pumping system:2E-4Pa

Vacuum pumping system

Oil-free high vacuum unit: molecular pump - rotary vane pump
High Vacuum Oil Diffusion Pump Unit: Diffusion Pump - Roots Pump - Mechanical Pump

Temperature control function

Three temperature control can be set to five temperature points

Auto control system

PLC Control,touch screen can set up working process

Fast cooling system

With internal cooling system, forced flow of gas in the furnace,
to promote rapid cutting of the workpiece, more efficient




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