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dry rotary vane vacuum pump application

The working mode of dry-type rotary vane vacuum pump is based on the mature principle of rotary vane technology. Due to the use of self-lubricating discs, there is no need for working fluid lubrication. Completely adopt oil-free dry compression. By means of perfectly matched materials, special graphite discs in the cavity, effective heat removal and advanced precision processing technology, the high vacuum in continuous operation can be realized.

When the vacuum pump stops running, the check valve (optional) can prevent air from returning to the vacuum chamber. The rotary vane vacuum pump is driven by an integrated motor with high efficiency.

dry rotary vane vacuum pump features:

1. As the dry-type pump will not produce oil vapor gas, the environment of the production workshop and the processed goods will not be polluted. It is the most ideal vacuum equipment used in the purification workshop and other industries.

2. Compared with the water ring vacuum pump, the water ring vacuum pump is limited by geography and resources, and causes serious waste of water resources. At the same time, it will make the humidity of the production workshop increase sharply, which is very easy to cause the goods to suffer from wet deterioration, while the dry vacuum pump does not have these problems.

3. Dry vacuum pump does not need oil and water, so compared with other vacuum pumps, regular maintenance work can be greatly reduced.

4. The dry vacuum pump uses the high-speed operation of multiple blades to avoid the pulse fluctuation of other vacuum pumps' suction and exhaust, and the transmission and suction are very stable.

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dry rotary vane vacuum pump application scope:

Compared with the general vacuum pump, the dry vacuum pump is more widely used. It can be applied to:

Capsule filling, capsule printing, medicine mixing, conveying, vacuum drying and medicine packaging machine on pharmaceutical machinery;

Vacuum drawing, bag opening and loading on the automatic packaging line;

Low energy consumption vacuum suction on printing machine;

High efficiency vacuum filling of various liquid injection bottles;

Vacuum molding of various concurrent products; air tightness test of object surface in vacuum;

Vacuum delivery and pasting of labels of cartons and bottles;

Vacuum transportation of glass and other sheet parts;

Under vacuum, the pressure difference is used to guide gas analysis;

Vacuum suction fixture on various mechanical automatic lines;

Leakage test of various vessels under vacuum;

Application of food processing machinery;

Balance test of various centrifugal machines running at high speed in vacuum;

Hospital operating room vacuum suction, dairy vacuum suction;

And a variety of vacuum packaging machinery supporting use and so on.

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