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Vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment

Purpose: the equipment is mainly used for dipping the stator and rotor of traction motor of electric locomotive.

Composition and function of vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment:

1. The leaching paint cans

Paint soaking capability: the equipment can paint one stator or three rotors each time to the traction motor of the electric locomotive.

Composition: it is composed of tank body, rotating hoop, tank cover, hydraulic opening cover and elastic mechanism, sight mirror, explosion-proof sight hole lamp, temperature and pressure vacuum measuring instrument, level controller, vacuum port, paint conveying port, pressure port, air vent, etc.

Main technical parameters:

1) specification: Φ inside diameter of 1800 mm, straight edge height 1500 mm

2) load vacuum: less than 65Pa time and less than 25min

3) leakage gas of load: 0.13Pa. M3 /s

4) working pressure: 0.4 ~ 0.75mpa

5) pressure medium: filter dry air without oil

6) leaching paint pot allows the highest working temperature: 70 ℃

7) lid open forms: hydraulic open, can opening Angle 90 °, and have a foolproof

8) no more than 15min of paint redelivery time

Vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment

2. The paint store

Composition: it is mainly composed of tank body, insulation layer, cycloidal needle wheel reducer (explosion-proof motor), stirrer, sight glass, explosion-proof sight hole lamp, temperature sensor, pressure vacuum measuring instrument, vacuum port, paint conveying port, pressure port, air vent, spiral heating (cooling) pipe and other parts.

Main technical parameters of vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment:

1) specification: Φ inside diameter of 2000 mm, straight edge height 1800 mm

2) maximum vacuum of empty tank: no more than 40Pa, and leakage gas: no more than 0.3pa. M3 /s

3) allowed working temperature: 10 ~ 70 ℃;

4) heating and cooling: the paint tank is equipped with spiral heating (cooling) pipe on its outer wall.

Working medium: aqueous solution

5) mixing mode: the vertical speed reducer drives the blade mixer, and its speed is 25r/min;

3. Vacuum system

Functions: vacuum operating system for paint soaking tank, paint storage tank and drying tank.

Main configuration: it adopts jzjs300-21p vacuum unit, and consists of one set of ZJ300, one set of ZJ150A roots pump, one set of oil ring vacuum pump and one set of three-level vacuum unit, vacuum valve, filter and vacuum pipeline. It is the system of dipping paint tank, storing paint tank and vacuuming operation.

4. Pressure system

Function: the compressed air is added to the dip tank by the pressure system during the dip process.

Configuration: 3m3/min oil free air compressor, gas storage tank, la-man drying purifier, pneumatic triples, electrical contact pressure gauge, safety valve and pipeline. (separate quotation)

5. Paint system input

Function: switch the valve to realize the paint from the paint tank to the paint pot when painting, and then press the paint pot back to the paint pot after painting. Paint infusion time is not more than 15min. The principle is to use the pressure difference between the dip tank and the paint holder to transfer the paint.

6. Pneumatic system

Configuration: 0.3m3/min mobile air compressor (Beijing fusheng), pneumatic one-way valves, gas storage tanks, pneumatic triples, pneumatic control cabinet, valves and connecting pipes.

Vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment

7. Centralized hydraulic control system

Function: open, close, lock and release the paint pot, and open and close the vacuum drying pot.

Configuration: hydraulic station, control valve, pipeline, cylinder, valve, hydraulic lock.

8. Heating system

Configuration: heating water tank, pipeline pump, valve, compensator, connection pipe, etc.

Heating time: store the paint of paint tank consists of 15 ℃ to 30 ℃ or less time needed for 4 h.

9. Refrigeration system

Configuration: refrigeration unit, pipeline pump, pressure gauge, valve, compensator, connection pipeline.

Function: provide the paint inside the paint storage tank and the cooling of the cooling water tank. Paint cans to drop by 35 ℃ to 5 ℃ storage time needed for 6 h or less.

10. Ventilation system

Configuration: one 4-72# ventilator, valve, connecting pipe and chimney.

Functions: the system can exhaust the waste gas produced during the paint soaking process to the outside.

11. Measurement and control system

Configuration: centralized control cabinet, operating station, computer, sensor, display instrument.

Functions: manual and automatic at the same time, simulation screen display working status, easy to operate, visual display.

Protection device: the corresponding action has electric linkage protection.

Alarm: paint pot overpressure, dry tank, storage tank over-temperature alarm

Grounding: each tank and the whole set of paint dipping equipment have good anti-static grounding

Vacuum pressure paint dipping equipment

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