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Vacuum leak detection equipment

Vacuum leak detection equipment

Introduction of vacuum leak detection and filling equipment with equal pressure pumping:

1. The size of the vacuum box shall be determined according to the size of the tested product;

2. Vacuum pumping of the true empty box and the vacuum pumping of the workpiece shall be carried out simultaneously;

3, open the door: sliding door, box type;

4, with clear helium function;

5. With SF6 moisture analysis function, it can effectively monitor the moisture content of gas.

6. With the function of automatic pressure adjustment, the SF6 air filling capacity can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature and altitude of different regions.

7, with remote monitoring function, through the Internet to monitor the production process.

8. Safety device is set for the vacuum box door;

9. Helium can be recovered with a recovery rate of up to 98%;

10, high degree of automation, press the start button, close the door, isobaric vacuum;

11. Helium filling, leak detection, recovery, SF6 filling, automatic door opening;

12, automatic judgment, sound and light prompt;

13. All parameters can be set manually through the touch screen and managed in different levels;

14. Human-computer interaction interface. The touch screen reflects the running state and data of the system;

15. Fault recording function;

16. Stable and reliable, the system adopts imported configuration to ensure reliable performance.

Main technical parameters of vacuum leak detection and filling equipment with equal pressure pumping:

Pressure difference between internal and external parts of the filling equipment for vacuum pumping and leak detection: 0.03 MP (self-setting)

Limit vacuum degree of gas filling equipment for vacuum leak detection with equal pressure: no more than 30 Pa (design can be agreed as required)

Working vacuum degree of the gas-filled equipment for isopressor vacuum leak detection: no more than 67 Pa (design can be agreed as required)

Workpiece leakage rate: 5 * 10-12 Pa•m3/S

Pumping (aeration) time: 10 min

Contour of isobar: square and round

Working temperature: room temperature to 70 ℃

Helium recovery time: 1 h

Helium recovery: 98%

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