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Vacuum heat treatment furnace for oxide metal powder

Usage: High pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace is mainly used for vacuum annealing of high alloy tool steel, high speed steel, stainless steel, high pressure gas quenching and high temperature alloy magnetic materials, etc. It can also be used for vacuum sintering of powder metallurgy, brazing of stainless steel and copper, etc.

Structure: Vacuum furnace is composed of main engine, vacuum system, water-cooling system, air-cooling system, pneumatic system, electronic control system and outside conveyor.

Vacuum heat treatment furnace for oxide metal powder

Main Technical Indicators

1. Furnace Type and Form: Single Room and Horizontal Type

2. Dimension of working area: 600 x 400 x 400 (long x wide x high) mm

3. Maximum temperature: 1350 C

4. Working temperature: 1250 C

5. Temperature uniformity of furnace: (+C) 5 (empty furnace, over 600 C, nine-point temperature measurement)

6. Limit Vacuum: 4 x 10-1 Pa (empty furnace, cold state, purified)

7. Working Vacuum: 200Pa-10-1Pa (set in 200Pa-20Pa automatic partial pressure control)

8. Pressure rise rate: 0.6 (Pa/h) (empty furnace, cold state, purified)

9. Maximum load: 200 kg/furnace (excluding frame and fixture)

10. Heating-up time of empty furnace: Heating-up time of empty furnace is less than 60 minutes from room temperature to 1250 C.

11. Cooling time of air furnace: air furnace cooling from 1200 C to 300 min less than 3 min

12. Vacuum time of empty stove: empty stove is pumped from atmosphere to 8 x 10-0 Pa less than 30 minutes

13. Gas Cooling Pressure: 10 (bar) (High Purity Nitrogen, Absolute Pressure)

14. Heating power: 65 kW

15. Total power: ~180KW

16. Temperature Control Mode: Programmable Automatic Temperature Control

17. Control Mode: Full Automatic Control/Manual Chain Control

2. Standard structure

2.1 The main engine of vacuum furnace is a horizontal single chamber structure, which consists of furnace body, furnace cover, heating chamber and forced circulation gas cooling device.

2.1.1 Furnace body and cover are double-wall water-cooled structure. The inner and outer walls are made of carbon steel. There is a crack between the two layers, which is connected with cooling water inside. The front end is connected with the flange of the furnace mouth, and the back end is connected with the head. There is a flange interface connected with the air-cooled motor at the back end of the furnace body. A bracket is designed at the lower part of the furnace body for placing the furnace body. The furnace body is provided with the following openings:

* Openings for evacuation

* Electrode openings

* Thermocouple openings

* Air-filled openings

* Pressure measurement openings

* Safety Valve Installation Opening

* Other auxiliary openings

2.1.2 The sealing design between the furnace body and the furnace door is bidirectional sealing with a lock ring. The seal ring is installed in the groove of the door flange to ensure the vacuum furnace sealing under negative pressure and high pressure gas cooling.

2.1.3 The heating chamber is composed of insulation layer (50mm), heating element and material table.

* The insulation layer is a circular structure composed of multilayer graphite felt (30mm) and graphite hard felt. Graphite felt is tied to the heating chamber frame by graphite rope, and graphite hard felt (20mm) with inner lining is fixed on the frame by molybdenum plate and molybdenum pin. Heating chamber is 360 degree circumferential uniform cooling mode.

After the heating room, there is a movable door: when heated, the heat insulation automatically closes, with good heating and thermal insulation. When quenching, the heat insulation opens automatically, which has the advantages of fast cooling speed. (Our company imports German technology)

* Graphite tubes are used for heating elements. The heating elements are uniformly distributed along the wall of the heating chamber, which can ensure long service life and uniformity of heating.

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