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Vacuum drying oven use methods and precautions

Vacuum drying oven at work can make work indoor keep certain vacuum degree, and to internal inert gas, especially of some compound material can also be a quick drying, using intelligent digital temperature control instrument for temperature setting, display and control.

Usage of vacuum desiccant box:


Put dry items need to be in the vacuum drying oven inside and shut the door is the door shake handshandle tight, close the bleed valve (vent valve on the hole and the rubber plug hole skewed 90 degrees), open the vacuum valve rotates 90 degrees (counterclockwise), the vacuum drying oven side airway with vacuum rubber hose connected to a vacuum pump, open the vacuum pump suction, the purpose is to make the box internal implementation vacuum state, when the vacuum degree meet the requirements, first close vacuum valve and vacuum pump, to prevent the reverse vacuum pump oil into the box.

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Vacuum drying box debugging:

Through after completion of the first step of the vacuum chamber power supply, check whether the indicator lamp is normal, open the temperature control switch, let its self-check, self-inspection by the indicator light on temperature control, adjust the temperature control of temperature and practice to the expected value, work into a state indoor heating.

If the dry goods in the working room are moderate, the water vapor may affect the performance of the vacuum pump. It is recommended to install a filter between the desiccant box and the vacuum pump. However, after the product is dry, the power needs to be turned off first. If you want the vacuum dryer to cool down quickly, you can open the air valve and open the box door after a few minutes.

Precautions for using vacuum desiccant box:

1. If dry goods require some inert gas, an air inlet valve should be provided.

2. Pay attention to drying different articles, and choose different temperatures and drying times. If the vacuum degree drops after a long time, you need to open the vacuum pump first and open the vacuum valve to vacuum.

3. The vacuum desiccant box must have an effective grounding line to ensure safety.

4. The vacuum desiccant box cannot be put into explosive goods, and it has no explosion-proof function.

5. Please note that incorrect operation will cause the vacuum pump oil to be poured into the box. It is necessary to close the vacuum valve before closing the vacuum pump.

combustible goods shall pay attention to the ignition temperature, and shall not set higher than the ignition temperature to avoid burning.

Pressure Changed-Vacuum Drying Plant.jpg

Environmental requirements for use of vacuum desiccant box:

1. Temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃

2. Relative humidity: less than or equal to 85% RH

3. Power voltage: AC220V plus or minus 10% 50Hz

4. There is no strong vibration or corrosive gas around

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Plant.jpg

Maintenance and maintenance of vacuum desiccant box:

Empty cases should be kept clean, some important parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, long time should not be covered in a protective cover to put in a dry room.

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