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Vacuum Pump in Vacuum Die Casting

Vacuum Die Casting Assistant Machine is a set of assistant system which specially matches the Die Casting Machine to extract the gas in the die casting cavity during the die casting process. Vacuum die casting auxiliary machine is composed of vacuum acquisition equipment, gas storage container, filter, compressed gas source, control valve, oil and gas separator, electrical control and so on. The machine has the advantages of fast pumping speed, complete functions, high automation, easy operation and wide adaptability. It is the best assistant to solve the pore problem of non-ferrous metals in the process of die casting.

Vacuum aluminium alloy die casting mainly takes the form of removing the gas from the cavity. There are two main forms of vacuum aluminium alloy die casting: vacuum aluminium alloy die casting, vacuum aluminium alloy die casting, vacuum aluminium alloy die casting and vacuum aluminium alloy die casting.

(1) direct air extraction from the die;

(2) Put the mould in the vacuum box for air extraction. When vacuum aluminium alloy die casting is used, the design of exhaust port position and area is very important. There is a "critical area" in the exhaust duct, which is related to the amount of gas extracted from the cavity, the time of air extraction and the filling time. When the area of exhaust duct is larger than the critical area, the effect of vacuum aluminum alloy die casting is obvious; on the contrary, it is not obvious.

The choice of vacuum system is also very important. It is required that the vacuum degree in the cavity can be maintained until the filling is completed before the vacuum pump is closed. The gas in the blowhole of the oxygen-filled die casting is mostly N2 and H2, and there is almost no oxygen dioxide. The main reason is that the solid oxide is formed by the reaction between the oxygen-filled die casting and the active metal, which provides a theoretical basis for the oxygen-filled die casting technology. Oxygen-filled die-casting is to fill the cavity with oxygen before die-casting to replace the air in it.

Because die casting is completed in a very short time, it is easy to cause gas entrainment and affect the quality of die casting. For this reason, oxygen-adding die-casting machine and vacuum die-casting machine have been developed. Medium-pressure die-casting machine has also been developed rapidly. Some die-casting machine's closing mechanism adopts inclined form. Automation of die casting process, computer control of die casting and flexible die casting processing unit (FMC) have also been gradually developed.

(1) Oxygenated pressure casting is to replace air and other gases by filling the chamber and cavity with oxygen before filling the cavity with liquid aluminium metal. Its characteristics are: eliminating or reducing the blowhole, improving the quality of castings; simple structure, easy operation, less investment.

(2) Vacuum pressure casting is to remove air from the die casting cavity and then press it into liquid metal. Its characteristics are as follows: it can eliminate or reduce the pore inside the die casting, improve the mechanical properties and surface quality of the castings; it can greatly reduce the back pressure of the cavity during die casting, and can use alloys with lower specific pressure and poor casting performance.


SV Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

ModelPump speed


Motor Power


Inlet Diam (inch)Rotary speed


Oil Capacity





dB (A)



SV-01010120.37 (3ph)

0.55 (1ph)

SV-02020240.75 (3ph)

0.90 (1ph)

SV-02525300.75 (3ph)

0.90 (1ph)

SV-04040481.5 (3ph)

2.2 (1ph)


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