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Vacuum Hot Press Furnace for Sintering Advanced Ceramics

I. usage

Vacuum hot pressing sintering furnace is mainly used for high temperature sintering and hot pressing of powder ceramics and powder sintering materials in vacuum (or protective atmosphere), as well as high temperature sintering and hot pressing of other metal or non-metal materials in vacuum (or protective atmosphere).

2. Product specifications and parameters:

1. Working Dimension: 250mm in diameter, 250mm in height and 250mm in height.

2. Limit Vacuum: 5x10-3pa

3. Maximum temperature: 2400 degrees commonly used temperature 2200-2300 degrees

4. Maximum pressure: 0-30T (adjustable, manual or automatic boost pressure, pressure fluctuation less than or equal to 0.01MP)

5. Vacuum Configuration: 2X-70 Mechanical Pump or Direct Pump + ZJP300 Roots Pump + KT300 Diffusion Pump or Molecular Pump + Pneumatic High Vacuum Butterfly Valve + Vacuum Pipe

6. Electrical control: Mitsubishi PLC + touch screen + various electrical appliances to achieve over-temperature, over-pressure, water under-pressure, air over-pressure interlocking function

7. Inflatable body: Argon, Nitrogen (less than or equal to 0.05MP) automatically flushing and deflating

8. The diameter of indenter is 150 mm (Eastern Carbon Graphite can be used, and the pressure can be greater than or equal to 63 MP)

9. Maximum stroke: 150 mm (one-way pressure head)

10. Heating power: 380V, 80KW

11. Temperature control mode: Programmable automatic control.

12. Temperature Control Method: Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouple + American Raytheon Dual-color Infrared Instrument

13. Heating Original: Oriental Carbon Graphite

14. Thermal insulation material: Toyota carbon graphite hard stick + graphite soft stick (hard stick treated by 2600 degrees, hard stick treated by 1600 degrees, soft stick acts as thermal insulation)

15. Furnace body structure: side door open, furnace body can be used as double stainless steel or inner stainless steel outer layer for high quality carbon steel)

16. Water cooling system: water chiller or cooling tower (recommended chiller, can be placed indoor area is small, cost added)

17. Equipped with 4 sets of imported graphite mould (60 mm in diameter, 20 mm in each set)

18. Panel display and electrical interlocking: current, voltage, temperature, vacuum, water pressure, electrical interlocking and sound and light alarm.

19. Temperature Control Accuracy: +1 C

20. Temperature uniformity: +5 degrees

21. Control accuracy of displacement test curve: +0.05 mm

3. Brief Introduction to the Structure of Hot Press Furnace

1) Furnace body part

1. The furnace body is a vertical shell, in which the inner (304 stainless steel), outer barrel and flange are made of high quality carbon steel. The inner and outer barrels are welded into a whole with the upper and lower flanges. A jacket is formed between the two layers, which can cool through water and take away the heat transferred to the inner wall of the furnace shell. There are air extraction holes, thermocouple temperature measuring holes and observation holes in the middle of the furnace body.

2. The upper part of the furnace body is the furnace cover, which is welded by the inner (304 stainless steel) outer head and flange (high-quality carbon steel material), with water cooling in the middle; the opening of the furnace cover is by mechanical manual way, the top of the furnace cover is lifted and translated to open the furnace cover, the furnace cover is equipped with pressure head (upper pressure head), pressure sensor and pressure device, and is equipped with an exhaust valve; the upper and lower pressure heads are used (304 stainless steel). Steel) is made of material with circulating cooling water. Infrared thermometer temperature measuring holes and observation holes in the middle of the furnace body are equipped with air-filled holes so that the observation hole glass is not polluted by pollutants in the furnace. Infrared thermometer is fixed on the furnace body and does not affect the removal of observation window glass.

3. The bottom of the furnace is also composed of inner (304 stainless steel) outer head and flange (high quality carbon steel material). The middle part is cooled by water and fixed at the lower part of the furnace body. The bottom of the furnace is equipped with electrode introduction device, air intake valve, lower pressure head and sensor which can display the displacement distance. The pressure head is made of stainless steel and is provided with circulating cooling water.

4. The heating body is made of graphite rod. The heating graphite rod is processed into three-phase heating body and connected with electrodes. The three-phase power supply of the electric furnace control system is connected to three lead electrodes by copper plate after transformer step-down, forming a control loop. The electrode device has water cooling cycle.

5. The heat shield around and on the top of the furnace is composed of multi-layer graphite felt and 304 stainless steel bracket. The heat shield at the bottom of the furnace is made of graphite, which can be easily installed and maintained. The heat shield at the bottom is made of graphite and is equipped with several graphite heads made of high strength graphite, which can be used to adjust the die height during hot pressing.

2) Hydraulic system

1. Hydraulic system is composed of electric hydraulic station, relief valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, hydraulic cylinder and fixed frame. The hydraulic cylinder is installed in the middle of the furnace base. Hydraulic oil enters the cylinder through the electric hydraulic system, through the relief valve and solenoid reversing valve logistics, so that the cylinder rises and falls. It can realize the function of pressure regulation and pressure preservation. According to the technological requirements of users, it can realize the function of automatic pressure regulation by setting intelligent digital display program instrument. Pressure and displacement are displayed by digital display instrument.

2. The fixed frame is composed of beams, bases, long columns and furnace frames.

3) Vacuum system

2X-70 Mechanical Pump+ZJP300 Roots Pump+KT300 Diffusion Pump+Vacuum Pipe+Vacuum Pneumatic Butterfly Valve and Corrugated Tube Vacuum Meter Set

4) Electrical control

1. Power supply uses low voltage transformer and thyristor voltage regulator. 380V three-phase power supply passes through step-down transformer, voltage drops to 30V, and then passes through cable to the electrode. The system has the functions of soft start, soft shutdown, constant current and over current protection.

2. Temperature control is realized by digital temperature programmed controller according to the process curve set by the user. It has the function of PID self-tuning and can also control temperature manually according to the user's needs.

3. Under the working condition, the whole electric furnace has the functions of automatic interlocking of water pressure, over-temperature and over-current, alarming, protecting and cutting off the main power supply. The alarm status is indicated by sound and light.

5) Water cooling system

Cooling water enters from the main pipe and passes through each branch pipe to the furnace shell, furnace cover, furnace bottom, electrodes, upper and lower pressure heads, diffusion pumps, mechanical pumps and other places requiring cooling. Then it is collected and discharged into the water tank. Each cooling water has a manual valve, which can adjust the flow rate according to the need. The intake pipe is equipped with an electric contact pressure gauge. When the water pressure is below the set value, the control system will alarm by sound and light, and automatically cut off the power supply of the heater.

Inlet pressure: > 1.5 kg, intake diameter: 2.5 inches, outlet diameter: 2.5 inches, one chiller is required, the cost is extra.

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