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Rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum forming and laminating process

Which products in vacuum pump equipment are especially suitable for molding, pressing and lamination process?

The application of rotary vane vacuum pump in molding process has been tested by many years of practice, representing the most advanced level at present.

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SV Series Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Claw vacuum pump energy saving, mainly used for pressing technology, such as furniture production. If the vacuum degree is high, rotary vane vacuum pump can be the first choice.

Screw vacuum pump can discharge leaking gas and steam without affecting the work of the vacuum pump. It is the preferred lamination process for solar cell components, flat screen and smart phone display screen.

In terms of forming, pressing and lamination applications, what are the applications of vacuum technology?

Vacuum forming, pressing and lamination are common technologies in many industries and manufacturing technologies. Through these processes, all kinds of materials can be combined or customized.

In terms of molding, it is very important to use a vacuum that meets specific requirements to inject materials into molds. Thermoforming is a customary process for producing products, which can make plastic films form. In the thermoforming process, the plastic film is first heated to soften it. Then vacuum is applied to the mold. Under vacuum, the plastic film that has been heated and softened is pulled into the mold. Once plastic film is cooled, the shape of the mold will be formed. This method can be used to make food and other commodity packaging, also can be used to make garden pool preformed plastic mold shell.

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Vacuum pressing can be used in the wood industry, for example, when you want to paste multiple layers of wood together, but because of the geometry, can not use mechanical pressing, then use vacuum pressing. In addition, vacuum technology can also paste or fix plywood or synthetic materials to the front of the kitchen and other similar board.

Vacuum lamination is a process of combining multilayer materials, commonly used in semiconductor and electronics industries. This is how solar panels, flat screens and smart phone screens are made.

Application examples of vacuum technology in molding process:

Mold exhaust - producing rotor blades suitable for wind power plants

Thermoforming -- production packaging

Application examples of vacuum technology in pressing technology:

Press machine: stick the composite board onto the surface of furniture.

Vacuum assisted resin transfer molding

Application examples of vacuum technology in lamination process:

Flat panel display lamination

Solar panel lamination

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