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Rotary vane vacuum pump Troubleshooting

1. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: Low Vacuum Degree


(1) insufficient oil;

(2) Pump oil is not clean and emulsified;

(3) The pump oil number is incorrect:

(4) The oil inlet hole is blocked and the oil supply is insufficient;

(5) Leakage; (6) Damage of exhaust valve piece;

(7) excessive fit clearance due to wear;

(8) With the increase of pump temperature, the oil viscosity decreases.

(9) The temperature of pump oil and gas body is too high:

(10) When assembling, the end cap bolts are not tightened uniformly, resulting in the axis deviation of the rotor.

(11) Fracture of blade spring:

(12) Blockage of intake pipe filter;

(13) The ballast valve is not closed or damaged;

(14) The key of the pump wheel is broken and the wheel rotates idly.

Exclusion methods:

(1) refueling;

(2) Open air ballast and replace new oil:

(3) oil change:

(4) Clean up the oil inlet hole and adjust the oil quantity;

(5) Check the seals, exhaust valves, end caps, etc., and replace the sealing rings;

(6) Replacing new valves; (7) Checking clearance and repairing;

(8) Increase the amount of cooling water;

(9) Air-cooled device;

(10) disassembly and reassembly;

(11) Replace the spring:

(12) Cleaning;

(13) Closing or repairing valves;

(14) Change keys.

2. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: Pump Blocking


(1) The end clearance is too small and the pump oil temperature rises too high;

(2) impurities enter the pump;

(3) Pump temperature is too high;

(4) Rotor fracture;

(5) Rust in pump chamber.

Exclusion methods:

(1) Grinding the spindle and adjusting the clearance:

(2) cleaning up;

(3) Strengthen water cooling:

(4) Pump removal and replacement;

(5) rust removal.

3. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: High Noise


(1) Fracture of blade spring;

(2) loose assembly parts;

(3) The parts are burred and deformed.

(4) No oil in motor shaft.

Exclusion methods:

(2) Change the spring;

(2) re loading;

(3) Reloading, grinding and replacement;

(4) Add lubricating oil.

4. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: Oil Leakage


(1) Seals in axle holes, end caps, oil marks, oil releasing holes and oil tanks are damaged or not tightened;

(2) There are leaks in the tank.

Exclusion methods:

(1) Change the seal and tighten the screw:

(2) Close the leak.

5. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: Difficulty in Starting


(1) low oil temperature;

(2) poor lubrication in the pump;

(3) There is no gas amplification in the pump chamber, and a large amount of oil enters the pump chamber.

Exclusion methods:

(1) Heating to above 15 degrees Celsius;

(2) adjusting oil quantity;

(3) Degassing during pump shutdown

6. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: Fuel Injection


(1) The system suddenly exposed to the atmosphere;

(2) too much oil;

(3) The rotation direction of the rotor is reversed.

Exclusion methods:

(1) Turn off the low vacuum pump and continue to open the valve;

(2) Redundant oil released:

(3) Re-connect the power supply and commutate.

7. Rotary Vacuum Pump Fault Phenomenon: No Pump Pumping


(1) The pump wheel key is broken and the rotor does not rotate;

(2) The rotor cross joint of the two-stage pump is broken and the high vacuum stage does not turn.

(3) The intake valve was not opened;

(4) The exhaust valve fragments.

Exclusion methods:

(1) New keys;

(2) replacement;

(3) Open the valve;

(4) replacement.


Rotary Vacuum Pump

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