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Rotary Vacuum Pump in Pulp and Paper Making Technology

The application of vacuum pump in pulping and papermaking process, the purpose of pulping process is to transport qualified pulp for paper machine to ensure smooth production. In the process of pulp and papermaking technology, vacuum dewatering method can be applied to dewatering process, and vacuum pumping of rotary vane vacuum pump is a common method of paper dewatering.

In the process of pulping and papermaking, vacuum dewatering is used in many processes.

1. Brown Pulp Washing Machine

A vacuum can be created inside the drum of the gasket, which allows the material to adhere to the drum surface and allows the black liquor to be washed out of the material while the drum is operating in the slurry.

2. Sediment filter

Sediment filters in pulp and paper mills are horizontal drum filters, in which vacuum conditions can be generated inside the drum to collect particles from green liquor.

3. Vacuum dehydrator

Vacuum dehydrator can be used for dehydration of raw materials in the preparation stage. It is a horizontal drum filter, which can realize the proportion dehydration of pulp and increase the concentration of raw materials.

4. Headbox Compressor or Vacuum Pump

Headbox compressors or vacuum pumps are used in slurry tanks. Through a series of valves, pressure or vacuum can be added to the raw material tank of headbox to control the material discharge rate.

5. Suction tank

The suction box is used in the forming part of paper and can be dehydrated directly from the pulp. Rotary vane vacuum pump is used to produce vacuum condition in suction tank vacuum box.

6. Roller

The bed roller is an important dewatering part in the paper forming stage, and has a rotating porous shell which can have one or two vacuum areas.

7. Vacuum Compression

The vacuum press mechanically extracts moisture from paper. Paper machines usually have one or three pressing areas, and when paper is conveyed and padded, moisture is squeezed into the blanket.

8. Blowout preventer

The windproof box is fixed before the paper is transferred and can be used to create a vacuum in the upper part of the press section. Vacuum pump is widely used in papermaking industry. Rotary vane vacuum pump has good performance in this industry.


Generally speaking, the standard pumping capacity of paper production line is certain, but in order to reduce energy consumption and save production costs, the choice of vacuum pump is particularly important. Therefore, the choice of rotary vane vacuum pump is very important for the manufacturers who use pulp and paper making technology.

There are three indexes to judge whether the selection of rotary vane vacuum pump in a pulp and paper making vacuum system is reasonable: the pumping capacity, the power of the working point shaft and the matching power of the motor. When selecting the type, on the premise that the pumping power meets the technological requirements of the production line, the working point shaft power of the vacuum pump should be reduced as much as possible, because the smaller the shaft power consumed by the vacuum pump, the lower the cost of pulping and papermaking. The matching power of motor is smaller, the total installed capacity is smaller, and the cost of electrical configuration can also be reduced.

In order to illustrate the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in pulping and papermaking process, we come to understand the characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump: rotary vane vacuum pump is an oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pump, which belongs to low vacuum pump. It can be used alone or as the front pump of other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps. It can extract dry gas from sealed containers. If a gas ballast device is attached, it can also extract a certain amount of condensable gas. But it is not suitable for extracting gases with excessive oxygen, corrosive to metals, chemical reaction to pump oil and particulate dust.

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