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Rotary Roots Blower User Guide

The roots blower manufacturer has sorted out the use guide of rotary roots blower. For your reference, what do not understand welcome consultation.

First, for the rotary fan device:

1. Rotary roots blower should be horizontal device, and collision and impact should be prevented during installation.

2. Please connect the distribution wire correctly and pay attention to the motor rotation direction and the rotation direction mark of rotary roots blower. It is strictly forbidden to reverse the fan. If single motor is used, please measure whether the voltage is stable. If the voltage is unstable, please equip the voltage stabilizer to ensure the voltage stability.

3. When receiving, pay attention not to turn the check valve upside down, please follow the direction of arrow on the check valve.

Second, for the rotary Roots fan test work:

1. Please write the lubricating oil in the fan packing box into the fan oil tank to check whether the smooth oil in the oil tank reaches the scale (there is a scale mark on the oil gauge).

2. Before starting the rotary roots blower for the first time or placing it for a period of time after the fan is used, please remove the air inlet filter and pour about 30ml of smooth oil into the main engine. Add smooth oil while rolling the belt pulley of the main engine of the fan to make the smooth oil evenly distributed in the fan before starting the fan.

3. When starting the fan, check whether there is pressure indication on the pressure gauge to ensure that the fan is started with pressure.

4. Investigate that there is oil dripping out of the nozzle. Adjust the bolt above the nozzle to control the smooth oil at 15-20 drops per minute. And investigate whether there is smooth oil movement in the transparent oil cup.

5. Check whether the motor and reversing fan work normally, whether the temperature is normal and whether there is abnormal sound.

Three leaf roots blower silencer.jpg

Third: for normal protection of rotary roots blower:

1. View of smooth system

A. Always check whether the amount of oil in the tank is lower than the minimum mark. If the oil is short, please add oil. (the oil grade is ISO standard hm-n68 ා or hm-n100 ා antiwear hydraulic oil.

B. Usually check whether the hydraulic oil is mixed with water and other dirt and metamorphosis, if it changes, please replace the hydraulic oil in time.

C. Usually check whether the oil dripping condition of the drip nozzle (15-20 drops / min) is normal, and investigate whether there is smooth oil movement in the open oil return pipe. If the oil drip nozzle is dirty, the adjusting screw can be removed for cleaning.

2. Check the air filter

Usually check whether the air filter of the reversing fan is dirty. If it is dirty, remove the air filter, loosen the butterfly nut, remove the cover and clean the filter sponge. (be careful not to drop the dirt into the main fan when removing the filter)

ZMH series  Roots blower.jpg

3. Check the triangle belt

After the rotary roots blower runs for a period of time, the V-belt will be extended. At this time, loosen the fixed bolt of the motor, move the motor, tighten the triangle belt to the appropriate position, and then tighten the motor fixing bolt, and pay attention to that the end face of the motor pulley and the fan pulley should be on the same plane. Check whether the top tightening screws of the two pulleys are loose. If they are loose, please tighten them.

4. Always check the sensitivity of the safety valve. If it is not sensitive, please clean and debug it to ensure reliable opening and closing.

5. Check whether there is oil leakage or air leakage and repair it. If it cannot be repaired, please inform the manufacturer immediately.

6. Clean the fan room and keep it clean and ventilated.

7. Always check the operation of the main machine and motor of the rotary fan, and timely stop the machine for maintenance if the noise and temperature are abnormal.

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