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Roots vacuum pump working principle

When the Roots vacuum pump is working, it can transport liquid with a viscosity of tens of thousands of centipoise. The main rotor has two rotors with opposite rotation directions. It is driven by a pair of synchronous gears. For the rotor of the Roots pump, the pump The body is intermeshing, but with gaps, so we should pay special attention to the following aspects when using.

zj root vacuum pump.jpg

ZJ  Roots vacuum pump

Roots vacuum pump work notes:

1. The Roots vacuum pump needs to check the oil level position frequently. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be adjusted to meet the requirements.

2. The oil change period is considered according to the actual use conditions and whether the performance requirements can be met. In general, when it is necessary to remove clean and dry gas, it is recommended to change the oil once every 100 hours.

3. Always check the oil quality and find that the oil should be replaced in time to ensure that it works properly.

4. After 2000 hours of work, it should be overhauled, check the aging degree of the silicone seal, check whether the exhaust valve is cracked, and clean the dirt deposited on the valve plate and the exhaust valve seat.

5. Clean the parts of the entire Roots vacuum pump chamber, such as rotors, rotary vanes, springs, etc., generally cleaned with gasoline and dried.

6. Add bearing lubrication oil to the bearing body. Observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil mark. The lubricating oil should be replaced or replenished in time.

7. After re-assembly, test run should be carried out. Generally, it must be run for 2 hours and change oil twice. Because it will leave a certain amount of volatiles in the Roots pump during cleaning, it will be put into normal operation after it is running normally.

All work strength must be within the range indicated on the label for the flow and head of the Roots vacuum pump to ensure that it can operate at the highest efficiency point for maximum energy savings.

root vacuum pump.jpg

Roots vacuum pump

roots vacuum pump operation principle:

    The working principle of the Roots vacuum pump is that due to the continuous rotation of the rotor, the pumped gas is sucked from the suction port into the space v0 between the rotor and the pump casing, and then discharged through the exhaust port. The v0 space is completely closed after the suction. status.

    Therefore, the gas in the pump chamber of the Roots vacuum pump is not compressed and expanded, but when the top of the rotor turns over the edge of the exhaust port and the v0 space communicates with the exhaust side, there is a part of the gas return due to the higher gas pressure on the exhaust side. It rushes into the space v0, causing the gas pressure to suddenly increase. When the rotor continues to rotate, the gas exits the pump.

   The structure of the Roots vacuum pump is closely related to its use, so to understand how it works, you need to understand its structure.

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