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Resistive Evaporation Coating Machine

Operational principle:

When the evaporation materials such as aluminum wire are installed with high-resistance materials. Joule heating generated by the current under high temperature, the evaporation material instantly evaporated and migrate to the surface of the substrate and deposit on the surface.

It is equipped with a low-temperature auxiliary ion beam source.

1. It has a large area of plasma discharge, high ionization effects, improved bond strength, strong adhesion.

2. The ion are distributed evenly, which greatly improves the stability and uniformity of the film.

3. The ionization effect is good, plastic, resin, acrylic and other products can be easily coated.

4. Good ionization effect, You can coat on the plastic without Spray primer on plastics.



It applies to the cup, hood, crafts and decorations mobile phone housing which made up of plastic. Resins, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Toys and other products, which coated by aluminum, nickel chromium, Tin and indium metal film transparent metal film make the surface of the colour with a metallic or red, violet, blue, green and other bright. 

Low tempreture iron auxiliary (China National invention patent)

1,Large area iron discharge,High ionization efffect ; improve the integration,High adhension.

2,iron spread well-proportioned,improve the stability and homogeneity

3,High ionization efffect ,there is no need to coaitng the film directly,remove the troditional heating divice,save the power up to 30%.,coating time can save up to 10%,improve the work effect,make the low-tempreture coating come ture.









vacuum chamber dimensions

φ 600 X800MM

φ 1400 X1600MM

φ1600 X1800MM

φ1800 X2000MM

φ2000 X3000MM

φ4000 X8000MM

φ 5000 X10000MM

vacuum system

KT500 Diffusion pump unit

A pair of KT630 Diffusion pump unit

A pair of KT800 Diffusion pump unit

A pair of KT1000 Diffusion pump unit

A pair of  KT1000  Diffusion pump unitX2

A pair of KT1000 Diffusion pump unitX4

Coating system

Resistance evaporation source, coating auxiliary ion dedicated power supply

inflation system

Mass flowmeter

control mode

Manual or automatic

pumping rate



ultimate vacuum



Above equipment parameters for your reference only, For specific details, it will be according to customers' requirement of practical process design and choice.


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