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Precautions for use of vacuum pump oil

Vacuum pump oil, as its name implies, is the lubricating oil used in the vacuum pump. In addition to the so-called lubrication, cooling, oxidation resistance, oil-water separation and other characteristics of general lubricating oil, it is emphasized that under low pressure, the light component is much less than the conventional oil. Generally speaking, the oil and gas will not be extracted when vacuumizing, and the vacuum pump will soon reach the vacuum effect instead of the conventional oil For a long time, the vacuum can not come up, which requires high oil refining in Chengdu, and synthetic oil should be selected when necessary.

Precautions for use of vacuum pump oil:

1. The guarantee period of vacuum equipment oil can reach three years under sealed condition.

2. Oil products shall be stored in a cool and dry place.

3. After the oil drum is opened for use, the remaining oil shall be covered with a sealing cover, and the remaining part shall be used up as soon as possible. Do not mix other powder and liquid impurities.

4. Environmental tools shall be kept clean and dried after cleaning with solvent.

5. According to the structural accuracy and operating environment of the vacuum pump, the oil products with corresponding accuracy and quality shall be selected.

Oil change method of vacuum pump:

1. Remove the pump from the system and connect it with a clean square plate under the oil drain hole. Unscrew the oil filling plug and drain plug to drain the dirty oil. Start the motor 4 ~ 6 intermittently to discharge all the oil in each vacuum chamber. Then add 200 ~ 300cc clean vacuum pump oil from each extraction pipe. Start the motor intermittently and clean each vacuum chamber again. In this way, after 2-3 times of repeated cleaning, drain the cleaning oil and screw on the drain plug. Add clean vacuum pump oil from the oil filling plug to the center of the sight window, and tighten the oil filling plug to prevent air leakage.

2. It is better to change the oil after the oil temperature rises. It is forbidden to clean the pump with kerosene, gasoline, alcohol, etc. At ordinary times, attention should also be paid to protecting the air inlet and checking the filter screen to prevent dust and impurities from entering the pump, contaminating the pump oil and damaging the vacuum chamber.

3. Discharge method of problems after oil change of vacuum pump

1) There is oil injection at the air outlet of the pump: too much oil is added to reduce the amount of oil added; the air inlet is pumped for a long time, which should be avoided.

2) There is fog at the air outlet of the pump: check the air inlet and other parts for air leakage.

3) Low vacuum degree: check whether other light liquid is mixed in the pump cavity and oil, and check whether there is air leakage in each sealing part of the pump after a proper period of operation after oil change.

4) Check the instrument.

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Common problems of vacuum pump oil:

1. Return of oil vapor to vacuum line or system

2. Incorrect steam pressure of oil

3. When the pump stops, the oil flows back

4. Seal on shut-off valve plate damaged

5. The seal at the bottom of the air extraction pipeline is corroded or damaged

Vacuum pump oil solution:

1. Clean the vacuum pump and change the oil that meets the requirements

2. Check and replace shut-off valve

3. Replace shut-off valve

4. Replace the air extraction pipeline and repair the seal

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