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Piston vacuum pump installation

Piston vacuum pump is a volume pump, suitable for vacuum smelting, vacuum drying, vacuum coating, vacuum impregnation and other vacuum operations. piston vacuum pump can be used independently or as a pre-stage pump of other vacuum pumps, but it is not suitable for pumping from one vessel to another for conveying pump.

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Description of principle of piston vacuum pump:

1. in the slide valve are installed in the pump body (1) (4), (3) within the slide valve is equipped with eccentric wheel, eccentric by to outside the pump cylinder shaft (2) driven to rotate, and the center axis of the pump cylinder center is overlap, slide valve in the pump cylinder of the cylindrical surface of slide, slide valve of the semicircular upper valve guide rail (5) sliding and swinging up and down freely. So the rotary piston vacuum pump cylinder was slide valve is divided into A, B two room, as shown in the above, if the shaft rotates counterclockwise direction, the room A gradually expanding, shrinking room B, finally A room into the biggest, room B to A minimum.

2. on the other hand, the upper part is hollow, vacuum pump has slotted in room A side open, during A room to expand, gas through the hollow part of the slide valve, A indoor by slotted into the pump chamber.

3. When the slide valve turns to the upper dead point of the cavity, the original B chamber disappears, and the A room replaces the B chamber, forming A new A room in the original A room position. In the final stage of the compression of room B, the compressed gas cap vent valve (6) is discharged out of the H slide valve type vacuum pump, so the continuous circulation forms the work of H slide valve type vacuum pump.

4. and is equipped with six set of disc type vacuum pump exhaust valve (6) (see chart), exhaust valve is mainly composed of the spare parts such as spring and valve plate, when the oil and gas from the pump cavity exhaust valve discharge, through the fuel tank (16) in the oil retaining cap (3) for oil and gas separation, gas to the atmosphere, the oil through the oil filter filter (15), (22) drawn by the pump again, forced to small tank (15), and then supply bearings, valve, pump cavity and other activities, with the pump running, the compressed gas and oil through the exhaust valve, thus rotary piston vacuum pump lubrication are all automatic. Besides acting as lubrication sealing pump oil, still has an important role, is when the pump suction gas volume is small, exhaust valve can also work, a small amount of compressed gas and oil top valve all together, to achieve the purpose of the exhaust.

5. rotary piston vacuum pump of pump body, pump cover, eccentric wheel, a and b. slide valve, valve guide are made from high strength cast iron, after artificial aging treatment to eliminate the internal stress, after rough machining and precision machining, which together form the studio of pump. H slide valve type vacuum pump shaft is made of high quality carbon steel with eccentric wheel in the middle. Fixed with the key, one end of the shaft is equipped with the pump impeller, and the other end is equipped with the pump triangular belt wheel, which is connected with the motor through the triangle belt.

6. The rotary part of the valve type vacuum pump and the joint surface of the intake part are sealed with rubber sealing ring. The paper pad between the pump body and the pump cover and 107 resin or soft surface sealing glue are used to seal the pump body.

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Installation diagram of piston vacuum pump and installation precautions:

1. The base of the piston vacuum pump shall be installed on the foundation of concrete, and there shall be 5-10cm groove around the foundation to prevent oil discharge or water discharge from contaminating the workshop.

2. When installing the piston vacuum pump, the level must be corrected first, and then the ground screw should be tightened.

3.before use vacuum pump to pump all all the dustiness of the clear, pump room must always keep clean, the environment temperature should be in the range of 5 ~ 40 ℃.

4.the rotary piston vacuum pump suction mouth should be based on use case, dust-proof device installation, absolutely prevent smoke into the shards of glass, sand, hard materials such as sheet metal or oxide, when assembling vacuum system, also want to notice these impurities. Because the clearance between the slide valve and the inner wall of the pump cavity is small, no impurities are allowed to enter, and serious accidents will occur once impurities enter. Therefore, measures should be taken in advance. For example, set up a dustproof device.

5.rotary piston vacuum pump in coarse vacuum (inlet pressure of more than 133 Pa work under (1), a vent to let oil mist, shape is like smoke, the causes of oil mist is as follows: work under rough vacuum, compression chamber pressure increased significantly, by exhaust gas from furiously rushed out of the vent, oil based on and around the hole and the exhaust valve is atomized spray the same principle, is compensated with the gas pump outside. The phenomenon of oil mist regardless of size, basically all is some, in addition to produce this kind of oil mist, rotary piston vacuum pump for pump and didn't have any bad effects, but the spread of oil mist in indoor air, can not only pollute the air, and can damage the indoor floor and utensils, in order to prevent the fouling, so when installation should be H rotary piston vacuum pump exhaust pipe from outside. The outdoor exhaust pipe outlet should be facing down to avoid rain.

6. The inlet pipe of the piston vacuum pump should be very strict, even small leakage will affect the vacuum degree. In principle, the inlet pipe should be as short as possible, with less joint and elbow, and the pipe connected with the pump should not be less than the diameter of the pump.

7. the rotary piston vacuum pump cooling water inlet pipe valve should be installed on the road, can adjust a little, control pump in the water jacket cooling water temperature at work between 20 to 40 ℃, pay attention to the water temperature should be no more than 40 ℃, avoid to produce heavy dirt in the water jacket.

8. is pumped gases such as higher than 40 ℃, should put gas cooled to room temperature.

9. rotary piston vacuum pump is working, the highest temperature should not exceed 85 ℃.

10. When operating under general operating conditions, the oil level of the sliding valve vacuum pump should be within half of the oil mark on the tank, and when insufficient, it should be filled with oil.

11. When changing oil in the piston vacuum pump, about 1kg of oil should be added to the inlet of the pump, and the rest oil should be added through the fuel hole on the tank.

12. Apply the clearance height of 300mm above the piston vacuum pump, i.e. connect the 300mm high pipe at the pump outlet first. Reconnect the exhaust passage. In this way, when the pump is dismantled, as long as the pipe is removed without moving the exhaust passage, the fuel tank can be removed.

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