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High frequency quenching equipment

High frequency quenching refers to the heat treatment method that USES high frequency current (30k-1000khz) to partially heat and cool the workpiece surface and obtain the surface hardening layer. This method only applies induction heating to the workpiece of a high-frequency quenching machine. The engineer explained the principle of induction heating: the workpiece is put into the sensor, and the sensor is usually input medium frequency or high frequency alternating current (1000-300000) high frequency quenching machine has prominent advantages:

Energy saving: 30% less power saving than vacuum tube type, 20% less power saving than SCR intermediate frequency;

Protect the performance stability: complete protection measures, no worries;

Heating speed fast: induction heating, no oxide layer, small deformation;

The volume of air is small: the volume is divided into two parts.

Protect the environment: no pollution, noise and dust;

Flexible: capable of heating various workpieces;

Temperature and heating time can be precisely controlled, high quality machining.

Service purpose

High frequency quenching equipment

Main technical parameters of high frequency quenching equipment:

Model: WH - VIII - 120

Input power: 120KW

Input voltage: three-phase 380v50-60hz

Frequency of oscillation: 15-35khz

Main cabinet size: 650 x 480 x 1440

Volume of transformer cabinet: 500 x 800 x 580

Purpose of high frequency quenching equipment:

1. Heat treatment industry

1. All kinds of steam and move-equipped high-frequency quenching heat treatment, such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valve, various gears in gearbox, various forks, various spline shaft, transmission

2. High-frequency quenching and heat treatment of hardware tools, such as pliers, hammers, vise and wrenches.

3. Hydraulic components such as plunger of plunger pump, rotor of rotor pump, reversing shaft on various valves, gear pump and other high frequency quenching.

4. High frequency of gear shaft of various power tools

5. All kinds of woodworking tools, such as ax, planer and other heat treatment.

Ii. Forging and pressing industry

1. Heating steel plate, bending and forming.

2. Diathermy molding of standard parts and fasteners.

3. Heat penetration of hardware tools, such as pliers and spanner, etc.

4. Mining drill stem and taper shank extrusion.

5. Steel pipe is formed by diathermy, such as bend pipe, etc.


1. Welding of carbide cutting tools. Such as turning tool, milling cutter, reamer.

2. Welding of diamond blade. Such as diamond saw blade, grinding tool, saw tooth welding. The welding of drill bits for mining purposes, such as the welding of drill bits, and the welding of drill bits.

Brass and copper

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