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Graphite Structure in Furnace

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The pinhole inlet of the furnace door ensures the uniformity of the atmosphere in the furnace by passing through each graphite plate evenly.


Metal Injection Molding Products (MIM)

Integrated treatment of degreasing, degassing and sintering.

Because it is a batch furnace, it is more suitable for the production characteristics of multiple varieties and small batches of metal injection moulding products.


1. MIM Special Sintering Furnace

It is specially designed for degreasing and sintering of MIM.

2. Integrated treatment of degreasing, degassing and sintering

The furnace is equipped with a sealed box so that the degreasing and volatilizing gas does not pollute the inner wall of the furnace and the heat insulation material, and all the gas is discharged out of the furnace.

3. Square sealed box

Because it is a square sealed box, the compact type can be improved and a large number of forming agents can be corresponded.

The square sealed box makes the space more compact, reduces the gas and heating power consumption, and reduces the operation cost.

Technical parameters:

Model: MVgr40/40/150

Effective Workspace W*H*L:400*400*1500mm

Furnace Loading Weight (Gross Weight): 300kg

Maximum temperature: 1600 C

Working temperature: 1500 C

Temperature Distribution: Range 6 C

Heating power: 100KW

Temperature rise rate: room temperature to 1500 C, 150 minutes

Thermocouple: WRe5.26

Leakage rate: 1.33 x 10-4 Pa m3/s

Pumping time: atmospheric pressure 10 Pa, 10 minutes

Limit Vacuum: 7 x 10-1 Pa A

Dewaxing process: N2 negative pressure

Sintering process: vacuum, partial pressure sintering.

Cooling process: vacuum cooling, forced cooling (86KPa)

The cooling rate (empty furnace) is from 1200 to 150, within 150 minutes.

To configure

Power supply: 3-phase AC380V 50HZ

Power: 150 KVA

Process Gas: N2 Ar

Cooling water consumption: 160L/min

Cooling water diversion device: open type

Vacuum Pump: Slide Valve Pump Roots Pump

Shape dimension W*L*H:3200*3900*2600mm

Introduction to Improvement Functions:

1. Component design of structure to improve the convenience of equipment assembly and migration.

2. Dual-stage wax trap can solve the residual problem of forming agent more effectively.

3. Optimize and improve the pipeline, increase the pumping speed and flow rate, and improve the vacuum efficiency.

4. Electrode cooling water is supplied independently to prevent alarm under water volume.

5. Pinhole inlet to ensure the uniformity of the atmosphere in the furnace.

6. The mass flowmeter can calculate the gas flow more accurately and reduce waste instead of the traditional glass rotor flowmeter.

7. Siemens positioner is used to replace the traditional pneumatic valve in the pressure distribution pipeline, which can control the pressure in the furnace more accurately and prolong the service life of the valve.

Electrical parts are imported original parts, graphite carbon felt are supplied by Japan Toyo original factory, improve the stability of equipment.

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